Don't Settle For More of The Same in 2019

Posted January 3 2019 By mary-palmer
 Your alarm goes. It’s Tuesday, you think. Or is it Friday? All the days have merged in to one. That Christmas break really has given you pause for thought. You have been doing the same job for so long on the same salary - bills are higher, your wage packet isn’t thicker. You’ve had to turn down several invitations to nights out. And when was the last time you had a trip abroad? You have been taking the same bus with the same fellow commuters for so long. Actually, how long has it been? The rain is lashing down outside - good old damp bus smell. It would make work feel so much better if the commute wasn't so stressful. You get to work and turn on the computer and the kettle. The noise of an office starting up for another day blares in the background - you just don’t feel it. Nursing a coffee, you stare at the blank white screen while it loads. The same programmes from yesterday open themselves up. You check your emails. You open up a notepad and flick through your to-do-list. Nothing interesting. It’s important to keep focused but that’s a challenge when every day is the same. You watched Groundhog Day last night and could sympathise with Bill Murray. Questioning yourself and your abilities has become a daily occurrence. But today you remember:
  • Your CV is up to date
  • You have qualifications
  • You’re a people person
You are better than this! Shaking off those negative thoughts with a deep slurp of coffee, you tell yourself “This could be the day that changes everything.” Armed with nothing but sheer determination to get yourself out of this rut, you open up a web browser and start searching. A couple of jobs catch your eye straight away and you duly fill in all the correct paperwork, convinced that you’ve sent your potential employer the very best version of yourself. All you need is someone to take a chance on you. Our recruiters are willing to take a chance. Place your career path in our friendly, expert teams and make the change with HRC Recruitment. Who knows what 2019 has in store for your career? Get in touch with our teams by clicking here or view our currently available jobs here.
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