How To Appeal to January Job Seekers

Posted January 17 2024 By Ashlene McFadden

Some figures suggest that up to a quarter of the workforce would like a new job this month. They’ve come back from a Christmas break and they’re facing more of the same issues and stresses that they thought they had left behind in December.

So, they decide to make a change. A fresh start. If you’re looking to hire, this is good news. Candidates on the move is always a good thing if you’re looking to grow, start new projects and innovate. 

But how can you stand out amongst crowded job boards and social media platforms? What will make your business more attractive to candidates than your competitors?

Here are my “top tips” if you’re getting ready to recruit.

Get social

Engage with potential candidates through trade publications or social media. You can reach a huge audience and let them know all about your latest projects or include client testimonials. You need to be on the platforms that your candidates engage with – whether that’s LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube. Speak to them directly – tell them what they want to know about working with you. Sell your culture, your benefits, the projects you’re working on and the people you already have on board.

Reassess your benefits

Not everyone is looking for a job – but they may consider a move if the right offer were to come along. So what are candidates looking for these days? Is it flexitime or a clear progression path or some further training? Do you offer any of this? If not, it might be time to reassess your benefits package. Focus on tangible features that will really make a difference, not just “nice to showcase” benefits.

Stuck in the past?

Automisation and new technologies are impacting almost every industry. Is your business stuck in the past? If you’re still using paper whilst your competitors are doing everything via an app, it might be time to look at the modernisation budget you have available. 

Think about culture

What kind of culture does your business have? This isn’t always an easy question to answer, since different teams can operate in their own particular way. But, overall, would you say your business is fueled by chatty employees who knuckle down and go above and beyond? Or are things more quiet, with more attention on targets? Finding an employee who will fit in well with your company culture is essential.

How are you hiring?

How long does it take to get from initial interview to hire? Are there too many steps in your process or too many days between steps? Candidates want to feel valued at every stage. They don’t want long waits, lack of feedback or poor communication. Perhaps you need to start from scratch, build in some video interviews and streamline your interview questions. HRC can help will all of this to ensure that you attract the brightest and best.

Know the competition

If you are competing for talent against larger firms, all is not lost. Take a look at the employment packages on offer from your competitors – can you offer something similar or, more to the point, more appealing? Candidates aren’t necessarily going to be swayed by a big-name if their packages don’t offer a decent work-life balance and prospects for moving up within the company.

The jobs market continues to be a challenge for accountancy businesses. If you’d like to speak to me about your recruitment strategy – both long- and short-term – I’d be delighted to help. Click here to drop me an email and get in touch.

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