Requesting Holidays

Requesting Holidays

Accruing Holidays

Temporary workers on assignment through HR Consultancy accrue holiday hours as they work through their assignment. HR Consultancy operates its holiday policy in line with the existing government regulations.

HR Consultancy Holiday Policy

The default holiday allowance for temporary workers at HR Consultancy is 28 days per annum, including bank holidays. The holiday year runs from the 1st April to the 31st March in line with the tax year. Your holiday entitlement should be taken within these twelve months, although we do allow temporary workers to roll forward a maximum of 4 days from one holiday year to another.

Holiday pay is accrued by the worker and paid out at the point that they take a holiday. The pay for this will be made in the week after the holiday is taken.

Agency Worker Regulations

In line with the Agency Worker Regulations, should a temporary worker work for an end client where the equivalent permanent position within that company would entail a higher level of annual leave then after 13 weeks the temporary worker will start accruing holidays at this higher rate. Should you believe you qualify for a higher rate of holidays at the client you are working for, please liaise with your consultant who will help investigate this with you.

Applying for a Holiday

To book time off for holidays, you need to complete a Holiday Request form. To allow us to process your holiday request efficiently;

  • Please ensure your completed Holiday Request form is submitted at least one week before the start of your holiday. 
  • The Holiday Request Form is signed by both you and your manager.
  • Email a scanned copy to
  • Please note, you are required to complete a holiday form for bank holidays as different days are taken by different clients.
  • Do not duplicate your holiday hours on your timesheet as this will render it invalid and it will not be processed.

You will be paid for your holidays as long as you have accrued a sufficient number of paid leave. If you have not accrued a sufficient number of days, your time off will be treated as unpaid leave. Please contact your consultant if you require confirmation of your current holiday accrual.