Why Salary Is No Longer the First Question from a Candidate

Posted May 13 2022 By Olivia McDonald

In the current market, candidates are looking for more than just the salary that comes with a role. They are looking for a company with a good culture; one that values a healthy work/life balance. Do they offer a flexible work week? Are there hybrid options? What does the overall benefits and compensation package look like?

Right now, when candidates have their pick of who to work with, the values of a business and the career progression incentives can often rank higher than pay on a prospective employee's list of must-haves for their new job.

Understandably, the salary on offer is important. With the cost of living ever increasing, money is essential. However, the past two years has dramatically changed our way of working. Work/life balance is now more often the deciding factor for candidates considering a move. They want to know that the flexibility will be there. More often than not, I speak to HR candidates who are moving to new roles with the same salary because the other employee value benefits are more attractive.

More than this, today's hiring process requires a much more individual approach - a one-size-fits-all recruitment strategy will not be as effective in a competitive market. If you want to attract the top talent to your business, your company's EVP needs to be marketed properly before beginning the recruitment process. So have a look on your social media channels and your website – are you talking about everything you have to offer a potential hire? If not, there’s work to be done. Candidates are doing their research and, if they can’t find the information, they’ll assume your EVP is so poor it’s not worth talking about.

As well as benefits like flexibility and work/life balance, newer candidates may also like to know about a business's sustainability or its diversity and inclusion efforts. There may be expectations to provide the best tech available to support them at work. Perks like healthcare and gym memberships are increasingly the standard when it comes to supporting mental and physical wellbeing.

As an employee, being a part of a supportive, dynamic, and encouraging business that values its employees' well-being and life outside of the workplace is crucial. From speaking to many HR candidates, I feel the shift in priorities with every conversation.

What are your moving motivators?

If you would like to speak to me about sourcing new HR talent for your firm, I'd love to discuss the candidates I currently have available. Click here to get in touch.

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