Why Employer Brand Is Crucial to Growing Your Business

Posted July 24 2019 By mary-palmer
 Employer brand is more than just a trendy corporate phrase. In fact, one of the primary reasons businesses are rethinking their culture and employee experience is to differentiate their employer brand against the competition for talent. And if you want to grow your business, here is why you probably want to give thought to what potential candidates think of your organisation. Consider this recent study from Glassdoor which claims that company mission and culture now matter more to UK workers than salary. Although it is not a one-size-fits-all finding (salary is still an important factor to a lot of people), what is interesting is that 77% of respondents said they would consider a company’s culture before applying for a job there - meaning most people can’t simply be bought with attractive salaries. Think about the scenario where someone moves to your company purely for a salary increase. Perhaps their old employer was more trusting and flexible than you and gave them a great platform from which to succeed from. Despite their increased salary, they no longer have the same freedom or recognition for their efforts; there is no progression. Do you honestly expect to keep this person for long? And if you do, do you expect them to be a happy and productive employee? It’s easy to see that reputation and how you behave in the wider market is now more important than ever to the younger generation of talent, who are seeking a more meaningful place to work. A businesses’ values, it’s morals and ethics are crucial. And just as importantly, how these play out in the everyday workday. Everything should be consistent. Your social media, website and all communications should align with your internal culture, in a way that is positive and attractive to the kind of talent your business needs. Because ultimately your employer brand is not very different to your consumer brand loyalty. Just like how positive public perceptions inspire people to buy your product or service, the same can be said for potential employees, who you want to stay with you, stay loyal and work hard for you. So what kind of culture is most valued? Although work-life balance, additional benefits and perks are all key players to a happy employee experience, It’s vital to keep in mind that your culture, mission and values are most important and these will be unique to your company. You need employees that care about your cause and love what they do just as much as your employees need a company that recognises their achievements and gives them a platform from which to excel. It needs to be mutual, meaning that if you want to attract the right talent to grow your business, you need to understanding who your audience is and approach them with the right message - which is not always easy if public perceptions are not good. HRC’s Build Your Brand product has a proven track record of improving employer brand. Our marketing specialists work to ameliorate public perceptions and better your position within the market as a potential employer. To find out more about how Build Your Brand could help your business, click here.
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