Job Search Seeming Scary? We Can Help This Halloween ...

Posted October 31 2018 By mary-palmer
 Happy Halloween, HRC blog readers! We love spooky season – any excuse for a few extra sweets and treats in the office! In amongst the thrill of lots of colourful costumes and party pieces, we thought it would be good fun to take a look at all the times during your job search when things can get a bit frightening … When you attempt to re-write your CV There’s nothing worse than actually trying to successfully convey what it is you’ve been doing with your life. Do those responsibilities seem feasible? Were you actually any good at your job? Don’t panic! Our team of recruiters offer CV advice and guidance across every market. When you hit send on the wrong thing An absolutely classic story: Job hunter sends recipe for chilli instead of CV. Look, we’ve all hit send before an email is complete or without an attachment. We’re all human. So why not get a friend or partner have a quick proof-read over your applications before you commit to sending anything? When you get flustered at your interview Forget a haunted house, we can’t think of anything more terrifying than losing your train of thought at a job interview. Your throat clamps shut, your palms get hot and you stutter over your words. But, fear not. Our consultants will train you as to how to nail those all important interview questions without so much as an “eh” or “um”. When you think all hope is lost It can be really scary looking for work – whether you’ve been in your current role for 15 years or six months. It can seem daunting and frustrating to either be faced with rejection or, worse, radio silence. By keeping in regular contact with our recruiters, you’ll hopefully feel more clued up as to how your job search is going. When you don’t know what to wear on your first day Wardrobe crises can be frightening. Tie or no tie; heels or no heels? What was the dress code again? Thankfully, because our recruiters know their clients inside out, you won’t be in a panic as you’ll know exactly what the office culture and dress code is like. When you check your bank balance Why is there always a drought period in between your old job’s wages and your new job? Sometimes it can be six weeks before there’s money in the bank. That means no spending and a lot of packed lunches. Yeesh, scary. Job search giving you the jeepers this Halloween? Get in touch with our teams today.
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