CNC Candidates, Now is the Time to Make Your Career Move

Posted March 5 2019 By Martine O'Kane
 The CNC market in Scotland is enjoying a buoyant recruitment period. Many companies – from East to West coast – are experiencing a major skills shortage, owing to an ageing workforce at the top end of the scale and a lack of apprenticeships at the junior end. However, the demand for this niche skills set has not deteriorated, with particular regard to the aerospace and oil and gas industries. The market is showing no signs of slowing down, even with Brexit looming, which makes it an exciting time for those CNC machinists looking to secure stability, a better offer and the chance to develop their career. So, as a candidate in the current market – whether you are happily employed or looking for work – you are in a lucrative position of choice. Businesses are changing the way they recruit and the benefits they offer once they have onboarded great talent. There really has never been a better time to make the move. Here are just some of the perks and ‘extras’ on offer to candidates in the current market: Swift interview process Companies realise that good talent needs to be recruited quickly. This means that many businesses have cut their hiring process down from several, in-person interviews to either phone interviews or a one-stage process. This means that candidates don’t have to wait around, wondering if a hiring manager is still interested. If anything, they’ll want to start you within the week. Career progression Many of our clients have invested millions in brand new machinery and plants which, not only makes for a better working environment, but the chance to work with state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology. There are also many more opportunities to progress your career and work your way up through a business. Overtime and shift allowance Our CNC candidates have been able to stipulate which shift patterns they would like to follow, in some cases, and still receive a full allowance. Many businesses have also increased their pay rate for overtime hours. This is a huge leap forward in an industry that was typically dictated by a manager’s preferred pattern of cover. Better holidays and flexibility Gone are the days wherein you had to take your stipulated two weeks off at the Glasgow Fair. Many businesses are now much more open to flexible working and are less rigid in their holiday allowances. Companies are also much more interested in creating an appropriate work/life balance for CNC candidates. All backgrounds considered It used to be that you had to have relevant, up-to-date experience with a specific programme in order to have your CV looked at. Now, businesses are much more open to CNC professionals who have experience in a wide range of programmes or, further to this, candidate who have maybe moved away from the industry and are looking to make the move back in. As you can see, clients are offering many exciting new extras for CNC candidates who would be open to a discussion about a career move. If you are a CNC operator or machinist and would like to find out more about what our clients have to offer in terms of overall careers package, click here to see my details and get in touch.
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