CV Guide for NQ Solicitors in Scotland

Posted May 2 2019 By Meena Bahanda
 Over the last two years, your Legal traineeship may well have helped you decide which area of the market you would be keen to specialise in. Your next step as a qualified Solicitor is a hugely important one and marks the culmination of years of study and hard work. Now is the time to present yourself to market. And your first port of call should be your CV. I have many NQ candidates who come to me specifically for CV advice, as it can be a daunting prospect to succinctly present everything you may have achieved. My advice is to prepare a CV that adheres to the following structure:
  • A mission statement or personal profile at the beginning of the document
  • Traineeship seats listed in chronological order (under each seat, list five or six bullet points detailing your remit and successes
  • Any other Legal work experience
  • Full education
It’s incredibly important that your CV is as precise and to-the-point as it can be. The document can be over two pages of A4 if the information you are providing is relevant. What will really make a candidate stand out is any success stories you might have - can you list any awards you have won? Can you demonstrate any business development activity? Can you provide examples of marketing and blogs (or any other Legal initiatives) you took part in? If you would like to discuss the possibility of taking the next steps in your Legal career, I’d love to speak with you and share the available roles that I have. Click here to get in touch with me and find out more. I also have an NQ Legal career guide available for candidates who are registered with HRC Recruitment.
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