Meet the Recruiter: Laurie McIntosh

Posted November 10 2021 By Laurie McIntosh
 What made you want to join HRC Recruitment? From the get-go, HRC presented itself as being able to offer a rewarding, exciting and interesting career as a recruiter. Offering a strong path with a structured training programme to becoming a full-blown recruitment consultant, HRC was an easy choice over the huge variety of other organisations offering similar careers but without the same level of training and development. The positive and friendly company culture was highly evident all the way from my initial application – right up to starting my first day. What career path did you follow before getting into recruitment? For the last five years, I’ve been studying two different degrees, as well as working as a salesman. My undergraduate degree was in International Relations and Sociology, and my masters was in International Law and Security. I loved doing my degrees but I’m definitely a more practical person than an academic! As mentioned, I do have about five years’ experience as a salesman, selling beds, mattresses, pillows and anything else related to sleeping. For me, going from a sales background into recruitment was a natural step. What was your dream job as a child?  As a big fan of the James Bond film series as a child, I was desperate to become a spy. So much so that at the age of six I wrote a letter to the head of the Special Intelligence Service at the time – who sent me back a very lovely letter in reply! Laurie McIntosh Meet the RecruiterWhat’s been your biggest success so far? My biggest success has been starting my own record label. Back in the late stages of 2019, I was finishing my final year as an undergraduate student and wanting to start playing some gigs as a DJ. It was at that time that I decided to start my own club night, Hyperdome. After the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided to properly focus on turning Hyperdome into a label, releasing digital music which has since then became highly successful to the point of the label having featured artists from over 16 countries around the world – including vinyl releases coming very soon! When we’re not in the middle of a pandemic, what do you like to do in your free time? In my free time I love to spin a few records at home; or record some new music in my (albeit small) home studio. What is most important to you (this can either be personally or professionally)? Music. Outside of work I run a record label, DJ and produce music – so when I’m not recruiting you can be rest assured that I’m doing something to do with music. Describe yourself in three words. Hardworking, kind, transparent. Now ask the last person you messaged to describe you in three words. Ambitious, clever, tireless Tell us a fun fact about yourself. I once spent two weeks deep in the Arctic Circle staying with a community of Inuit.   Favourite film? From Russia With Love – one of the classic Bond films. Favourite singer / artist? DJ Godfather – one of the original producers of my favourite genre of music. Favourite book? Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins. Favourite colour? In true HRC style, it’s got to be orange. Laurie McIntosh Meet the RecruiterSun or snow? As much as I love a sunny day – you can’t beat the snow. I am slightly biased as a snowboarder, though! Apple or android? Android for life. TikTok or Instagram? Instagram Tea or coffee? Coffee! I’m one of the biggest coffee snobs around!
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