NQ Accountants - Here's Why You Should Consider Industry Jobs

Posted October 1 2021 By Lynne Macdonald
 The hard work has paid off. After completing your studies at university, you then faced a further three years of combined study and practical experience to become a member of ICAS. You are now in possession of one of the most prestigious, sought after and highly regarded professional qualifications in the world of accountancy. So … what happens next? How do you ‘kick start’ a potentially life-long career in accountancy? As a newly qualified accountant, there are a number of things you’ll need to consider. What are your short- and long-term ambitions and how are you looking to achieve those? How will you take yourself to market and ensure that you are seen as a desirable prospect? Do you want to work for a large, global firm or a small, family-run business? You can also consider many different roles beyond a straightforward accountancy position. These include Financial Planning and Analysis, Regulatory Reporting, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Treasury, Tax, Audit and Management Accounting. In my experience with clients and candidates, Accountancy is now every bit as much about being a “people person” as it is about having an eye for detail and analytics. There is so much to consider. Not least of which is whether you want to work in Industry or Practice. If you were to look at Industry, one of the things that jumps out is the fact that there is no business development to be done – which can be a plus for those candidates who prefer not to be on the phone or clocking up billing hours with clients. Since you are working exclusively for one company, there is no need to try and secure more business. Working with just “one client”, in turn, entails that you can have a hand in building up a business from a strategic point of view; making analytical and calculated decisions to benefit your client. You can focus on one specific set of needs and requirements within your work. There is also the potential to get involved with projects at a more senior level, for example, corporate finance. Industry roles, in general, are also initially more lucrative in terms of basic salary and the work/life balance on offer to candidates. Whilst it is often said that opportunities to progress are not as clear cut in accountancy industry, there is the real opportunity to make an impact on your employer and drive the business forward. I talk to multiple candidates on a weekly basis in order to help them make the right career decisions to achieve their short- and long-term goals. Having worked with both Industry and Practice candidates, I get to know you and where your strengths lie in order to find the role that is right for you in terms of personal and professional needs. If you’re Newly Qualified in the Accountancy market or are, indeed, looking for a move from Practice to Industry, click here to get in touch with me to discuss your options.
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