What Will Brexit Mean for Your Marketing?

Posted February 5 2021 By Jackie MacGregor
 You could be forgiven for forgetting all about Brexit. Since March 2020, the B-word disappeared from our news channels, our social feeds and our lips. And it was replaced with the C-word. Covid-19. Yes, for almost a year our lives have been consumed with the peaks and troughs of living through a global pandemic. We’ve stayed at home; we’ve socially distanced; we’ve hand santised so much there’s no skin left on our hands. But, as the Christmas lockdown rules came into play, Brexit made a sneaky reappearance on our new updates. A deal was going through – and it would be effective as of midnight on December 31, 2020. And that was that – la separation. Fishing and health insurance and roaming charges aside – will Brexit have an impact on the UK Marketing industry? Will it change the way marketers work? The short answer is, yes. Here are just some of the ways Brexit will make a difference: Marketing Presence It’s uncertain, as yet, how Brexit will impact trading across all UK export industries. So it might be time to think about attracting local or UK based clients. How can you do this? Using platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or LinkedIn promoted posts in order to target a specific demographic. Use Google Trends and check what your customers are searching for in order to optimise your website SEO. GDPR & Data While GDPR will remain law, there will still be an impact. Roughly 75% of data in the UK flows freely throughout the EU – including things like marketing mailers and subscription services such as those that host online events. New rules may be brought in which will impact how you can acquire data and how you can market to those subscribers. Budgeting The pound is likely to take a significant dip against the value of the Euro. This means, quite simply, that your marketing budget might not stretch as far as you’d like it to. Whatever third party platforms you use – be it for hosting webinars, email campaigns or video interviewing – you may say an increase in pricing, meaning you might have to think about which platforms you’re really going to use and invest in this year. Value Add Content Many of your customers may well be living in fear of the impact of Brexit. So what can you do to help? Ask your clients, colleagues and customers what they are talking about or worrying over. Then use that information to research helpful solutions. You can then turn that research into blog content or white papers to deliver free, value add content to try and allay their fears. It’s helpful and allows you to build relationships. “Brand Britain” In the post-Brexit world, products being made in Britain are likely to gain importance (especially since there are likely to be early hiccups with European imports). So, if you are a marketer working in a business who manufacture or sell purely within the UK, this may be an advantage. Research has shown that some consumers lean towards thinking that locally made products are worth more - so it may be time to play that up. HRC Recruitment are delighted to be recruiting in the marketing space – helping you attract talented professionals who will give your business the marketing support you need. Get in touch with myself or Scott Caithness to find out how we can help.  
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