5 Things Your Job Search Has In Common With Strictly Come Dancing

Posted September 25 2019 By Jackie MacGregor
 Spray tans. Glitter. The race – or should that be rumba? – towards a trophy. Yes, everyone’s favourite countdown to Christmas, Strictly Come Dancing, is back on our screens. Every Saturday night we look for signs of injury, chemistry and, fingers crossed, some technical ability. The theme tune alone (da da da da da da daaaaaah) immediately conjures up images of disgruntled judges, colourful costumes and more fake tan than a recruitment night out. So, how could a reality TV show about learning to dance possibly be anything like recruitment? There’s a lot more to Strictly than Anton’s cheesy jokes. Here are just five things that the hit TV show have in common with a good old quest to find a job: Starting all over again Like all the celebrities struggling to straighten their top line or perfect their fleckle, starting out your job search can make you feel like a bit of a novice – no matter how long you’ve been working. How should you lay out your CV? Should you look on job boards or go through an agency? It can be a very daunting experience – almost as scary as performing to a live studio audience every week. Craig’s pout Oooft. Everyone dreads Mr Revel-Horwood’s stony face. It can only mean one thing – he’s getting out the 2 paddle. We’ve all been there; sitting in an interview knowing that nothing you say will make a difference to the unimpressed face sitting opposite you. But don’t worry – just think of it as the chance to work on your own game face and your interview technique. Picking up some fancy footwork You’re getting better at this! Round about week six or seven on Strictly, you start to get a feel as to who is really picking up the knack. Well, after a few interviews and re-drafts of your cover letter, you’ll be feeling a lot more confident in your own skills set, too. Of course, it’s still intimidating to put yourself out there but you can see a marked improvement. Bruno’s enthusiastic arms Mr Tonioli is famous for his overly enthusiastic displays of praise for the contestants he is most impressed with. Well, when you finally find that “perfect fit”, you’ll get lots of good interview feedback too. Okay, so your future employer won’t be falling off their chair with joy, but isn’t it nice to hear that someone is excited about what you can bring to their business? The glitterball trophy The Strictly celebs are all working towards one thing – the famous trophy. And you’re just about to scoop yours. You did it, all your hard work paid off and you now have a shiny new job. Doesn’t it feel great? Strictly speaking, we can’t improve your dance skills (although, we do love a shimmy on our Christmas night out) but we can help you secure an exciting career move. Interested? Get in touch with the Office Services team.    
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