More to It than You Think - the Benefits of Working with Recruiters

Posted August 29 2019 By James Blyth
 There is an unfortunate stereotype that recruitment candidates are little more than cannon fodder for us consultants. Contrary to what many might think, we don’t advertise imaginary jobs in order to get our hands on your CV and we don’t force you into a specific job or business in order to hit our targets. With the recruitment sector having experienced huge growth in the UK there can be a huge gulf in the level of service and professionalism you receive. Therefore, it is important to choose a recruitment consultant you can build a relationship with who has strong knowledge and a vast network in your field. Whether you are taking your first steps in your Manufacturing & Engineering career or are simply looking for a change as a well-established candidate, beginning a job search can often be a tricky and uncertain path. There are many things you will need to consider including culture fit and opportunities for progression. It can be a daunting thought to start an entirely new workplace, whatever end of the career spectrum you are at. That is why utilising an experienced recruiter to breathe new life into your job search is a good idea. And we’re not just here to help you make a one-off move – we’re here to offer advice and opportunities for the duration of your career. That is why we encourage our candidates to build a trusted relationship with their recruiter even if they aren’t necessarily looking for an opportunity right now. Think of it not as a transaction, but as a confidential working relationship where you can tap into information and discuss options for right now or your future career plans. Here are just some of the reasons my candidates in the Scottish market engage with me as a specialist: Know what employers want A good recruiter will always prepare you in great detail for an interview. They will know what an employer or hiring manager is looking for in a candidate and will help you create solid answers to any tricky questions that might get thrown your way. Their relationship with the employer will ensure you get the best information possible to help you ace your interview. Find a culture fit When you apply for a job, you don’t always know what you’re getting. Firms are always going to sell you on the positive. But what happens if you’re looking for flexibility and growth and the firm is a bit more traditional? Wouldn’t you like to know the beforehand? A recruiter will get to know you and only ever place you in a working environment where you will be comfortable and able to flourish. Negotiate a better deal You might not feel like you are in a position to ask for a better salary or flexible working hours, but a recruiter will always try and get you the best deal possible. Make them aware of any requirements you would like to be included in your next position, and they will always try to ensure that these will be part of the contract. Recruiters are great at selling their candidates as “added value” to a business. Productive job search You know the saying “two heads are better than one”? Well, the same applies to your job search. Recruiters, naturally, have an extensive network of contacts that usually make them the first to know about upcoming vacancies. Whilst you continue to search for your next (or first) job, they can help broaden your horizons. Helpful follow up Once you are placed, we don’t just disappear. We want to know how you are settling in and if there is anything else we can help you with. We’ll also keep you in mind for any other positions that become available in the future that we think will enhance your career even further. What sets the HRC Manufacturing & Engineering team apart is our extensive network of trusted relationships across several industry specialisms. Keen to hear about what’s out there? Get in touch with me on 079831 76630 / to discuss your career needs – whether they are immediate or in the future.        
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