Why Work in Recruitment?

Posted July 22 2022 By Hayley McQueen
When I tell people that I work in recruitment, the first question they usually ask is, "why?". The industry doesn't always have the best reputation; the hours can be long; it’s seen as very sales orientated and it can be incredibly demanding in terms of pace. However, my experience working in recruitment is drastically different from the typical assumptions.
So, whether you're considering joining the recruitment world or have been recruiting for years, here’s what I have found in my time at HRC to date.

Progression and Development

When you start out in recruitment, there's a wide range of training and opportunities to help you learn a whole host of new skills and expand your current skill set, and this continues throughout your career. At HRC Recruitment, every consultant has a personalised career development plan tailored to them, designed to aid their growth within their market vertical. With a dedicated attitude and determination, there is no limit to the progress you can make.



It’s a well-worn cliché but no two days are the same. Recruitment has great freedom and flexibility, from interviewing candidates to meeting clients. With the variety offered in this industry, you'll wish there were endless hours in a day. I recruit for the Business Services sector, but every sector could benefit from the services a recruitment agency can offer – whether it’s an entry level role or senior appointment; permanent position or temporary contract. You are constantly learning the ins and outs of different industries, which provides you with invaluable knowledge.



A career in recruitment won't be suited to everybody and can be challenging. Still, the satisfaction is immense when you help a candidate find their perfect role or assist a client in filling a position. If you're someone with drive who enjoys stepping up to meet a challenge, then a career in recruitment is the perfect environment to excel.


Meeting New People 

As a recruiter, meeting new people is one of the job's best perks. You get to meet a variety of people from all walks of life, and due to the amount of time spent with each person, you make new friends. As time progresses, you'll build great relationships with your clients, candidates and colleagues - some of which will last a lifetime.


Transferable Skills 

I already feel that I've learned so much in my time as an associate recruitment consultant. I've developed confidence when talking to different businesses about the excellent service we can offer. I've had training on my personal brand and how to network successfully. My time management has been improved and developed, and my communication skills have gone from strength to strength. These are all valuable, transferrable skills that will serve me well in my career.
If you'd like to speak to me about a career in recruitment or you'd like to discuss recruitment for the Business Services sector, click here to drop me an email.
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