Why You Should Work With Me on a Retained Basis

Posted November 5 2021 By Diane Smedley
 You’ll have no doubt seen the headlines about the current candidate deficit. Statistics vary from tens of thousands to over one million vacant roles that are unfilled at present. Across every industry, this has the knock on effect of projects not being completed; deadlines being missed; products not being created; orders not being fulfilled. This combination of high volume vacancies and not enough candidates to fill them is creating the perfect storm. And it’s the reason why I’m asking my clients to work with me on a retained basis. The markets are incredibly difficult to navigate right now. Job boards are simply not offering up the return that they did pre-pandemic. This means that so many of the vacancies that need filled require extensive head hunting. More than that, candidates need to be kept “warm” throughout the process. Starting at the very first phone call, through to interview and after care, it’s important to ensure that candidates remain interested and engaged with the hiring process and with your business. So it requires a lot of dedication and time from the recruiter’s side in order to headhunt these passive candidates and provide them support. Traditional approaches don’t seem to be working. When you’re working multiple vacancies at one time, this can prove difficult. Whereas, when you know you have been retained by a client, you have to focus all of your attention on the one role. Essentially, as a client, you’re not worrying about getting 20% of my attention because I am working four other roles for four other businesses. You also do not have to deal with several agencies or recruiters at once. You’ll have the knowledge and reliability of one market expert who will be responsible for your crucial hire. And, since all of the focus is on this one role, there is a much higher chance of success. You also don’t run the risk of several recruiters contacting the same candidates only to deliver mixed messages about your brand – which could turn them off from the process. Retained projects also support confidential hires. If only one recruiter is working your role, you can control the narrative that is reaching candidates. There is also less chance of the hire becoming public knowledge before your company is ready for it to be simply because there is just one recruiter managing the process. These are challenging times, whereby candidates have so much choice, should they wish to move. Businesses are having to work harder than ever to recruit and retain. Placing your hire in the hands of one recruiter – exclusively – can only help to ease the struggles of headhunting and hiring. If you would like to speak to me about hiring with the drinks industry, I’d be keen to understand your plans for growth and help you achieve those. Click here to get in touch with me directly.
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