Building A Team in the Call & Contact Centre Market

Posted December 5 2018 By Chivonne Gray
 Teamwork, as the saying goes, makes the dream work. In theory, a world class team should equal a world class service. Building a team is no easy task – it requires a lot of thought and the recruitment process can often seem complex and daunting. Of course, each individual team will have a different remit and function within each individual business, so the crux of it is to identify the purpose of your team and build it from the ground up. It should be a response to core business needs, not an afterthought. At the CCA Annual Convention in Glasgow, Scotland Women’s Football Team Manager, Shelley Kerr, delivered a talk on hard work and determination it takes to build a team who are consistently performing at the top of their game. Leading a team to continued success doesn’t just happen overnight. Undertaking a managerial role can be complex. You can often have to contend with your own self-doubt, for starters. Being a good leader demands time, strategic thinking, good networking and solid interpersonal skills. You must learn to motivate your staff, make tough (and, sometimes, unpopular) decisions and position yourself as a voice of authority within your market. And, in order to maintain the harmony and work ethic within your team, you may have to consider your leadership style and the company culture. People are the environment that they find themselves in. Company culture and the benefits and career opportunities available to your teams can really make an impact on how they work. What was most interesting about Shelley’s discussion was that she revealed that it can take up to ten years to train and hone your team to a desirable level of skill and efficiency. That’s why it’s so important to have a talent pipeline in place. It’s also equally important to have a team that is made up of different strengths and weaknesses. There is no point in surrounding yourself with people who share your exact thoughts and opinions. That will only lead to stagnation of ideas and innovation. If a business wants to push forward, it needs to be made up of teams that have differing opinions, varied expertise and skill sets. Having a plan in place can help to build a truly great team. Identifying weaknesses within the business and pipelining your talent needs can help secure industry-leading talent. If you would like to source high calibre Call & Contact Centre candidates for your business, I would be delighted to help. Click here to see my details and I can discuss your staffing needs confidentially.
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