5 of the Best Apps to Help You Learn a Language

Posted July 19 2021 By Chivonne Gray
 Lockdown led many of us to pursue new skills – whether that was simply for pleasure or because we thought it could help us in our careers. In fact, language apps such as Duolingo reported increased downloads of up to 300%. Despite the fact that we couldn’t travel anywhere, languages apps were one place we were free to roam. I, myself, have downloaded the Duolingo app to try and pick up Spanish again, having achieved my Higher in the language at school. This is helping me with comprehension and confidence. So, I thought it might be of use to those who are keen to pick up a new skill to list some of the best language learning apps available. Duolingo This app is consistently rated as one of the world’s best when it comes to language learning. Through gamification and motivational check ins from the app’s little green bird, Duo, you will feel encouraged whilst you learn. The app teaches you everything from individual words and short sentences to verb tenses whilst you progress at your own pace. And the best bit? It’s free to download and you are able to learn multiple languages at any one time. Babbel Babbel offers courses for everyone – from absolute novices to advanced learners. You can listen in to stories in order to contextualise what you’ve been learning and there are lots of handy grammar and spelling tips, too. You can practice speaking your chosen language aloud with the voice recognition software, which will grade your efforts. It’s another big name brand in the language learning industry and the price tag of just under £9 a month perhaps reflects this. Rosetta Stone Another language learning stalwart, the Rosetta Stone app only teaches you your chosen language with no English translations, in accordance to traditional learning methods. You can practice speaking, match images to words, construct sentences and engage in longer lesson plans. There are activities for novices and experienced learners. It’s one of the more costly options - £11.99 per month with a minimum 3 month term – but it’s definitely one of the more intense apps, if you’re looking to learn quickly. Linguistica 360 This is a great, free app for more advanced learners. Formatted like a podcast, it provides daily news updates in your chosen language (with an English transcript to follow), so you can truly immerse yourself in your learning. You can slow down the pace of these podcasts to help with comprehension, too. There’s no gamification or activities, here, but it is free to download and use. Drops If you find yourself unable to commit large portions of time, Drops could be the language app for you. There are plenty of easy, five minute daily activities with vocabulary lessons. Everything on the app is really fun, bright and gamified, so it will hook your interest and motivate you to keep it up. It is free to download and you can upgrade to an advert-free version for £72 per year which will also allow you to engage in extended lessons. And, on top of all this, it might be worthwhile scanning your local area for language classes or checking out Spotify for language learning playlists that you can listen to on your coffee break or commute. If you are fluent in languages such as Spanish, French, German or Dutch, I could help you take the next step in your career. I am highly experienced at placing multi-lingual candidates. Click here to drop me an email and discuss how you can put your skills to use.   HRC Recruitment does not get paid for the recommendations in this blog. These are simply for reference only and any purchases are made at the reader’s own risk.
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