How to Use Your Transferable Skills to Land a New Job

Posted December 14 2020 By Chivonne Gray
 If 2020 has taught us anything in our careers, it’s that nothing is certain. Covid-19, redundancy and furlough suddenly became part of our vocabularies back in March and, sadly, haven’t really gone away. So, in an ever-changing jobs market, having a bank of ‘transferable skills’ is key for candidates who are struggling to find work in their industry of choice. Soft skills are every bit as important as technical ability. Some candidates may be dissuaded from applying for a particular role because they don’t tick every box in the list of desirable skills. But, for me, I’ve learned that you can use different elements of your skills set and tailor them to suit the job at hand. Here are just some examples of the transferable skills that I believe as essential for candidates in today’s market. Communication So much of what we do relies on being able to communicate effectively, whether that’s over a video call, email or old-fashioned phone call. Can you think of examples of when you have used your communication skills effectively? Have you managed a project; a team; clients’ expectations? Can you communicate in more than one language? Teamwork Collaboration within your own team or with other areas of a business has been absolutely crucial this year. Would you say you were a team player? Can you work to a group target? Can you give examples of times when you have gone above and beyond for a colleague? Employers really want to see candidates who will blend in with their existing team. Time management All jobs have deadlines in some way or another – can you work to them? Do you crumble under pressure or are you able to complete that task with a tight turnaround time? It’s important that, as a candidate, you can demonstrate that you are able to prioritise tasks and organise your day accordingly. Positivity It can be hard when you feel like you’re not going to meet a target or you’re struggling to complete a task. Perhaps you’re dealing with a difficult customer and getting nowhere. Are you able to keep your cool? Are you able to remain positive, friendly and helpful no matter what? Are you able to motivate your team to keep going? A good attitude has been of tremendous importance this year. Attention to detail Are you the person who can easily spot a mistake in a crucial document? Are you vigilant about keeping customers’ data safely stored? That level of dedication and attention to detail is something most employers would cherish. It ensures high business standards are maintained and that your customers receive quality service they can trust. If you would like to speak to me about sourcing great talent or making a career move within the call centre or multi-lingual markets, click here to drop me an email and get in touch.
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