The Secret to Maintaining Good Relationships

Posted July 8 2019 By Ashley Douglas
 If you ask any recruiter what the secret to a successful career is, they’ll no doubt mention good relationships. Having good two-way communication with our clients and candidates is at the heart of everything we do. We need to know both inside out in order to create “the perfect match”. So, what is the secret to establishing and maintaining long-lasting relationships that benefit everyone involved? In recruitment, it’s essential to be known as someone who is personable and approachable, and a big part of that is keeping the communication up on a regular basis. I like to ask questions and build a relationship that is closer to a friendship than a business transaction – for me that has been the absolute key to my success over the years. Everyone involved in any recruitment process is human, after all, and it’s important to establish a personal touch early on. For me, it’s a simple case of finding a common ground and building on it. If I’m speaking to hiring managers, recruiters or candidates, I’ll get to know them on a personal level. So, whether that’s the fact that we share a favourite holiday destination, enjoy swapping restaurant recommendations or our kids are the same age, I’ll find something that keeps the conversation flowing over time and is a natural ice breaker. It’s about being authentically yourself. I consider myself to be the same person inside work as I am outside – there’s no veneer that goes up when I’m speaking to my clients and candidates. On a basic level, I treat people how I would like to be treated if I was looking for work or a new employee. This means being honest about any issues that may arise, as and when they happen – not after the fact. I’m also keen to be face-to-face with as many of my clients and candidates as possible, instead of relying on phone or email as the main method of communication. After all, how can I extol the virtues of the type of culture and working environments my clients have to offer if I’ve never been there? On the candidate side of things, I’m always available out-with working hours as I understand it can be difficult to make time to speak to a recruiter when you’re at your desk. I’ve also given many candidates interview and CV advice when they’re not actually working with the agency I’m working for. It's not all about ‘making a fee’ it’s about being that go to consultant that they can seek advice from regardless. People remember when you have treated them well or gone above and beyond and that helps you open up the conversation further down the line. Aftercare, when a candidate is placed in a role, is also very important to me. Candidates remember the little things, such as checking in on them once they have started in their role or simply being at the end of the phone to confide in. Establishing great relationships – and perhaps more importantly – maintaining them is probably the important thing for me, it’s what sets me apart from the competition and something that I am immensely proud of. I love nothing more than seeing my advice and efforts pay off for both my clients and my candidates. If you would like to start a new conversation, get in touch with me. I recruit for the Call Centre & Multi-Lingual markets across Edinburgh and Glasgow. Drop me an email on and we can discuss your career plans or recruitment needs.
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