Being An Apprentice At HRC: A Reflection

Posted April 23 2019 By hradm
 When Taylor Wallace accepted a place as an Apprentice Administrator here at HRC Recruitment, he knew he had made the right decision. Despite having two other offers from Glasgow-based businesses on the table, it was the culture and interview experience that drew him here. “For me, HRC was the clear stand out,” he says. “I was made to feel very welcome right away – from the minute I walked into the reception. And it seemed very busy and the people here looked happy in their work so that, to me, was a good sign. “There was also much more of an appeal to be working in an SME environment instead of a bigger corporation. In here, it doesn’t feel faceless and daunting, as I suspected a larger company might.” Taylor joined us almost nine months ago, having spoken to a careers coach at Invest in Renfrewshire, who recommended that he got involved with QA Apprenticeships. “I didn’t like the structure in school, with particular regard to exams, even though I love learning and reading. I realised there would be more freedom and decision making in having a job.” Having accepted a permanent offer at HRC, Taylor is now, officially, ‘part of the family’ here. Currently, his role is an incredibly varied one. The day-to-day can see him undertaking a range of tasks, from formatting CVs and posting job adverts to covering reception or setting up some IT equipment. “I also thoroughly enjoy the reporting aspect of my job. Building reports and analysing what they have to say is something I take great pride in. “But my favourite part has to be interacting with clients and candidates – whether that’s via email, on the phone or in person. Recruitment is a people business, after all.” Being in a full-time job has been quite the leap from school life. All of us are still learning throughout our careers, but was has Taylor found the most valuable life lessons since he joined us? “I have learned how to prioritise my workload. You learn to create your own way of working in order to keep up with the demands on the job. That has been an invaluable lesson. You also learn how to acclimate to the pace of working life, as it’s entirely different to anything I’ve experienced so far. “The most interesting thing has been learning how a business functions – there is so much work and effort from all of our teams just to keep the day-to-day running.” Taylor is resolute that an apprenticeship was the best route for him to kick-start his career, and he is now mulling over his personal and professional development options within HRC. He absolutely recommends the undertaking this particular path to employment. “An apprenticeship is a great way to dive in to the jobs market whilst keeping your options open for the future. You will learn so much and it can help narrow down exactly what it is you want to do because of the hands-on experience you get. “But I would say this – you have to have a good work ethic and you have to be ready to learn.” We are thrilled to have Taylor as part of our support team here at HRC Recruitment.
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