National Apprenticeship Week 2019: Meet Our Apprentice

Posted March 6 2019 By hradm
 Taylor ApprenticeshipHow long have you been with HRC Recruitment? Seven and a half months. What made you want to join? During my search for an apprenticeship, I had offers from three Glasgow-based companies, after interviewing at all of them, HRC was a clear stand-out when it came to culture and opportunity. Right from the get-go I felt welcome, valued, and respected – what more could you look for in a role? What was your dream job as a child?   Funnily enough actually, I wanted to be a receptionist – I spent an awful lot of time at my mum’s work (the Lagoon Leisure Centre), and her job just looked so appealing to me. How do you commute to work? I spend 15-minutes on the train then walk from Glasgow Central, so it’s not too bad. What does a typical day look like? My apprenticeship is quite varied here at HRC – something for which I’m very thankful – I format CV’s, post job ads, create reports to outline the progress of the business and our recruiters. I also cover reception, answer the phones, set up and maintain IT equipment along with a multitude of other functions when needed. There’s certainly no time for twiddling your thumbs! What’s the best part of your job? I thoroughly enjoy the reporting aspect of my job, creating reports and drawing conclusions from them is something I take both pride and pleasure in. I know – how sad. I’m also a fan of interacting with candidates and clients when they come in, recruitment is a people business after all. Taylor ApprenticeshipDescribe the company culture here. As this is my first job, I’ve not had much first-hand experience with other workplace cultures, but I can definitely say that the sense of community here at HRC is strong - you’ll struggle to find such a welcoming and accommodating group of people elsewhere. What do you like to do in your free time? After work on weeknights I like to read or chill out and watch Netflix. Most of my weekends are spent down in Nottingham with my girlfriend or hopping around Scotland on the train, showing her the beautiful sights and experiences it has to offer! What is most important to you?   Kindness and integrity are two attributes that I value highly, both in and outside of the workplace – their value remains the same either way. Describe yourself in three words. Loyal, hardworking, and upbeat.
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