Tips For Temps Called to Interview

Posted January 28 2019 By hradm
 In the fast-paced world of temp recruitment, more often than not, a job interview is absolutely not on the cards. Usually, an employer will need you to hit the ground running and that requires getting you in to start as soon as possible. That is, perhaps, one of the most pleasant aspects of temp work – no interview “fear”. However, sometimes, for temp contracts that last a little longer – or, depending on the type of company – you will be asked in to interview as a temp. This can seem daunting: Why such a serious or lengthy process for a short-term contract? My advice is simply not to worry – I prepare all of my temp candidates for interview as thoroughly as those who are seeking a permanent role. Here are just some of my top tips for temp candidates going to interview: Do your research I always tell candidates to thoroughly research a company before their interview. Whilst I can advise as to the company culture, it’s important that you take a look at the company website, for example, or take a look at their social media accounts. This may give you a good indication as to the type of work they will be involved in. Make notes Write down a list of questions you would like to ask your interviewer and make a list of bullet points that you would like to include in your answers. It’s easier to remember the clever answers you had planned if you write them down and practice them. I usually go over the questions interviewers are most likely to ask with my candidates to further alleviate their nerves. Re-read your CV You’d be amazed at how many temp candidates don’t really know what’s on their own CV. Read your own through thoroughly, and mark out any specific achievements or responsibilities that you would like to discuss during your interview. You should be able to account for everything that you have written and explain each role in detail. Relate to the job description Certainly, not every candidate ticks every box of a job description, but it’s important to relate your skills and experience to the role you are interviewing for. Read the job description alongside your CV and see what responsibilities are transferrable – make a note of these so you can provide relevant examples during the interview. Answer questions accurately There is a method of answering competency based interview questions without going off on a tangent. Interviewers need to know that you can give relevant answers that are succinct yet detailed. When answering this type of question, remember the STAR format – Situation or Task, Action you took and Result. This is the best way to get straight to the point and impress your interviewers with the specifics. The recruitment process at temp level – whilst quicker – is no less bespoke. I will always ensure that my candidates are placed in an environment that matches their needs and their skills set. I’d be delighted to help you secure an interesting temporary assignment. Whether your long-term goals have changed or you are looking for new experiences, click here to get in touch for a discussion on the Office Services roles that I am currently working on.
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