Why Accountancy is a Great Choice for Career "Satisfaction"

Posted January 17 2019 By hradm
 Mick Jagger. It’s not a name that you would associate with the Accountancy market. And yet, the Rolling Stones frontman was working towards a degree at the London School of Economics. That fun little fact really puts the stereotype of the dusty, boring accountant to bed and is a testament to the diverse range of candidates that I currently work with within the industry. Accountancy – whilst not quite a life of sold-out arena tours – does have a lot to offer in terms of a career "satisfaction", to quote Sir Mick. It may seem like a lot of long hours and never-ending education, but there are many benefits to be found. Particularly as, these days, the market continues to diversify and modernise. In my experience with clients and candidates, Accountancy is now every bit as much about being a “people person” as it is about having an eye for detail and analytics. Here are just some of the reasons why a career in Accountancy is an exciting, interesting choice: Good career habits Working within the market, you will develop certain habits that will help your career for the rest of your working life. You’ll learn to seek out dedication and excellence, have professional skepticism and be able to take a broader view of a business. These are all skills that will serve you well in any other firm you choose to join. Professional growth There are lots of prospects open to dedicated candidates within the Accountancy market, whether that’s an internal promotion or a career that takes you all over the world. It’s a field that prides itself on continuous learning and education, meaning that you’ll always be at the cutting edge of everything that’s important to your market. Stability Most candidates want a career that will entail regular income and practical rewards and benefits. Accountancy offers both. Alongside career progression and increased responsibility, there is the potential to increase your salary over time and negotiate bigger benefits packages. Accountancy is a support function, but is also fundamental to any business, and is therefore rewarded well. Interesting workload Whether it’s the Big 4 or an independent business, Accountancy will give you the opportunity to take on a diverse workload and meet lots of interesting people. There is the potential to work across any number of sectors, which can mean a satisfyingly different workload, depending on your experience. Essential for business There is a phrase that suggests there’s no such thing as a job for life these days. However, Accountancy is certainly a career path for life. Businesses will always need expert advice in order to ensure that all of their practices and regulations are up to date. Good financial management will always be at the heart of every successful organisations. If you would like to speak to me about current opportunities within the Accountancy & Finance market, I’d be delighted to have a confidential chat – whether you’re looking to make the move now, or in the future. Click here to see my details and get in touch.
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