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Posted December 18 2018 By hradm
 Accountancy Rebecca and EilidhAs the end of 2018 fast approaches – we can hardly believe it either – many of us will be taking the time to reflect on the year. For some of you, that may well mean considering your career options. After all, January is the most popular time of the year to start a job search. If, in the new year, you have decided to consider your options within the Accountancy & Finance market, we’d love it if you chose to work with our highly experienced, skilled and dedicated recruiters, Eilidh Black and Rebecca McGonigle. Eilidh focuses on recruiting permanent part and non-qualified Accountancy and Finance candidates whilst Rebecca works within the same level but focusing on the temporary staff side of the market. To help you get to know the team a little better, we set them a series of not-so-probing questions. Describe your job in no more than five words. E: How is it 5.30pm? R: Both challenging and rewarding. Tell us a fun fact about yourself. E: I can say the name of the longest town in Wales - (Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch) R: I have never eaten my whole advent calendar at once. What’s the best thing about working with each other? We are ying and yang! Rebecca is quite laid back and I can be a bit of a control freak. R: Eilidh and I are total opposites. I think we level each other out and this is why we work well. Who is better at making the tea round? E: We are actually both pretty bad at this. We work in a wider team of 6 so it’s easy to skip a round if you have a lot of candidates in that day etc. R: Neither. Usually when it’s one of our turns we wander into the kitchen together. Team work makes the dream work! Who is most motivated first thing on a Monday morning? E: Depends on what Monday you judge it … but probably me. R: Mondays are not my thing. Describe yourself in three words … E: Sarcastic, hard-working and chatty. R: Bubbly, gullible and caring. … Now describe each other in three words. E: GlamorousAccountancy Rebecca and Eilidh, funny and friendly. R: Nurturing, bossy and hilarious. What is the best thing about working at HRC? E: I know it’s a cliché but it’s the people. I’ve met some genuine friends whilst working here and they make the challenging days bearable. R: I would say the people, too. Everyone genuinely cares about each other. What is your biggest achievement as a recruiter? E: Winning Rookie of the Year when I first started out in recruitment and then being promoted to Senior Consultant more recently. R: I think growing my temp desk has been a pretty big achievement for me. Each step is a milestone! I still have more I want to achieve but I’m happy with the direction my desk is going. If you had to compare each other to a fictional character, who would it be and why? E: There is definitely a hint of Dory from Finding Nemo! Rebecca is optimistic and kind but can definitely be a bit forgetful. She always provides the team with entertainment and tries her best to lighten the mood if needed. R: The baby Tasmanian Devil. Eilidh is cute and small but she is deadly. Favourite film? E: Casino, The Dark Knight or Fight Club. R: Shutter Island Favourite book? E: That’s a tough one, I read a lot so I have a good few faves. But I would have to pick Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult or To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. R: I couldn’t tell you the last time I read a book. Accountancy Rebecca and EilidhApple or android? E: Apple. R: Apple. Facebook or Instagram? E: Instagram. R: Instagram. Night in or night out? E: Night out but definitely not a club, feel too old for that now. A nice pub with good music and plenty of seats is ideal for me. R: These days it’s a night in. Plenty of gin, snacks and a movie. To discuss temp opportunities in the Accountancy & Finance market, click here to contact Rebecca or call 0141 375 1036. To discuss permanent roles in the Accountancy & Finance market, click here to contact Eilidh or call 0141 375 1037.  
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