7 People You Find in Every Office

Posted June 14 2018 By Mary Palmer

We spend the biggest chunk of our lives at our workplaces. Day in, day out, surrounded by the same colleagues and faces. Sometimes, you strike it lucky and get in with a great bunch of people. Other times, not so much.

You don’t have to study people too hard to realise that there are several different personality types in any walk of life but, none more so than in your workplace. Essentially, you’re thrown together with a group of people who you might not necessarily choose as a social acquaintance and spend most of your week with them.

And, if you’ve moved around in your career, you’ll probably notice one thing. There are pretty much the same types of people in every office!

The Vigilante


Don’t even think about sneaking an extra tea break in, because the office vigilante will have clocked it. They know who uses the most printer paper; who takes the longest lunches; and who has run out of excuses for their days off …

The Air Hostess


“Tea or coffee?” This person is a pro at taking up drinks orders and successfully delivering them to your desk without spilling a drop.

The Hoarder


Paperless office? What paperless office? The hoarder is still clinging on to their 2008 paper diary because it contains vital information. Expect a desk full of post-its and paperwork. The poor trees …

The Snacker


Open this person’s desk drawer and you’ll find multi-packs of crisps, boxes of chocolates and endless wrappers. There’s always one person who is constantly eating.

The Social Convenor


There’s always someone up for some Friday night beers, and your social convenor is usually best at organising them. They’re even better at persuading you to go out on a “school night” …

The Angry Typer


Just what did that poor keyboard ever do to them? Why is it being beaten into submission with every sentence they type? You can hear the angry typer from all over the office.

The Walking Buzzword


“Guys, can we just synergise together? Let’s cross-pollinate best practice.” Where do they learn these words? Why do they feel the need to use them?

Happy Friday.



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