A New Chapter at HRC

Posted April 24 2018 By Christine Knox


It’s been a year of change here at HRC – and we’re barely into 2018 yet. In January, we rebranded and changed our name. Gone was HR Consultancy, and we welcomed in HRC Recruitment; complete with new logo and colour scheme. It was a difficult one to remember on the phone, at first. But we’re incredibly proud of our branding and what our name means in the recruitment industry.

This year, I will celebrate sixteen years with the company. I know that, for many people, this seems like a really long time to spend in one place. The “norm” is to move around every few years until you find something you like. But I found something that I liked sixteen years ago, when I first walked through the doors at HRC.

Recruitment can be a fickle industry. Anyone who has worked in it long enough knows that there are plenty of comings and goings; lots of big personalities; and plenty of change. It’s an industry that is always evolving in order to provide the very best service for clients and candidates and the best working experience for those at the “coal face”.

Our offices have had several licks of paint; new layouts; new tech. And, now, all of that, too, is coming to the end of an era with our impending move. As a company, we’re constantly growing and evolving – making our mark in markets that we could only have dreamed of when then company first began in 1995. We’ve developed from being specialist Insurance recruiters to a building full of people who are experts in their own industries across 11 different specialisms.

I think, what most people notice at HRC, is the culture and “feel” of the place. Having a bad day? You can bet your colleagues will get you a wee treat at lunch or make you a cuppa. Having a great day? Then we’re all up for post-work drinks. It sounds cliched, but we truly are a team. We are interested in each other – and not just if you’re close to achieving your target. We all know the names of each other’s’ families, rally round for baby showers and celebrate or commiserate through life’s highs and lows.

And, whilst that might sound saccharine, we’re all about the hard work, too. We’re all ambitious, entrepreneurial and willing to take charge. Because, if you’re not going to make your target happen, who else is? We apply our knowledge, embed ourselves in our markets and put our best networking faces on at all times. We take a different approach, and it shows.

It’s been an exciting year here at HRC – and we’re only at April. All of the team are really enthused to see how this year will unfold and develop; whether that’s new markets or new recruits. We’re always willing to welcome hard working, resourceful individuals into the HRC family. The key word there is individual – we’re all bring something unique to the table.

We’re different, and we’re happy with that. Changing people’s lives doesn’t happen when you stay within the lines.

If you would be interested in a recruitment position within HRC, I would be happy to have a coffee and a chat to get to know you. Click here to see my details and get in touch.

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