Typical Financial Services roles

Posted September 11 2023 By Eva Richardson

When I’m looking for people who would be a great fit for my roles, I’m often looking for people with strong administrative skills, good customer service skills or recent graduates. Many of the roles I recruit for have transferrable skills, such as an excellent communicator, great time management skills, the ability to work at pace etc., that can be utilised successfully across a number of roles.

Here are just some of the roles that I would typically recruit for:  

Financial Administrator

A finance administrator will maintain accurate records and is required to remain compliant with all laws and company policies at all times.

Transfers Analyst

Transfer analysts are usually responsible for analysing the results of data collection, identifying patterns and trends and then reports these findings back to the relevant members of the business.

Client Onboarding Analyst

Usually responsible for developing onboarding systems to collect accurate client information, maintaining accurate data, ensuring regulatory compliance, and lowering overall business risks.

Customer Service Advisor

This role usually communicating with the customers of the business. They often handle questions and complaints, providing appropriate solutions and alternatives for the customer. These roles are ideal for a results-driven individual who is eager to progress in their career and put their excellent customer service and communication skills to good use.

Business Administrator

The Business Administrator is usually responsible for following up on the clients’ business communication, ordering, billing and tracking the organisation's expenditures. This role can also sometimes include invoicing clients, collecting company data or negotiating agreements with internal and external stakeholders.

Collections Agent

Collection Agents work as intermediaries between businesses and customers to recover debts and settle unpaid accounts. Their duties typically involve creating payment plans, finding debtors to initiate the collection process, and bargaining debt repayments.

Investment Operations Officer

They handle the transactions of shares and the appraisal of investment funds. They monitor the performance of unit trusts and shocks on financial indexes. Compiling investment reports for clients, including performance calculations and valuations.

Claims Advisor

A claims advisor deals with the everyday claims that are made on insurance policies. These types of roles are usually fast-paced due to the amount of people claiming on their insurance on a daily basis.

Client Relationship Manager  

Their role is to oversee client interactions and ensure client satisfaction by offering assistance, addressing concerns, and solving problems. They listen to the client’s needs and aspirations and show how their company’s product or service can help them achieve their goals and add value to their business.

So, if you’re looking to either start a career in a Finanical Services or further your career in this space. Click here to drop me an email and discuss how you can put your skills to use.

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