Should You Work in the Office When You Start a New Job?

Posted July 28 2023 By Sarah Hutchinson

There are very few workplaces in the world that are going to insist on five days per week in the office. The world has changed so significantly since 2020, not least in our models of work. Hybrid or flexible working has become the norm and most of us are reaping the benefits of a few days, per week, at home.

But what happens if you are brand new to a job? How often should you be in the office?

Here are just some of the reasons why – for your first month – you should be in as much as you can:

Culture build with your colleagues

Chatting on Teams or Zoom was a lifesaver for so many when being together in person simply wasn’t an option. However, when you’re in the office, building team culture and chatting can be much more spontaneous. When you’re making your morning cuppa, when you’re in the lift, when you’re popping for lunch at the same time – these are all opportunities to get to know your colleagues (and not just in your team, across the wider business). Being able to chat in person gets your “face seen” and enables you to blend into the existing culture.

Learn by osmosis

Have you ever heard someone handle a client phone call or meeting and been totally in awe as to how they have managed the outcome? Well, you can’t really do that if you’re sitting at home alone. Being in the office, surrounded by those who do the same or similar roles to you, will allow you to hear how it’s done. It’s also a good way to pick up office “norms” or etiquette regarding meetings, time keeping and so on. Being around other people – especially those who are successful – can only be a good thing.

See what bad days look like

How does this company manage bad days? When deadlines are missed or sales are down, what does that look like? Being in the office will allow you to fully assess the company culture when things are going well but, perhaps more importantly, when they aren’t. Does the team rally together? Do colleagues go out of their way to support each other? It also enables you to feel like part of something bigger when the chips are down – being at home during a performance slump can feel very isolating.

Celebrate wins together

Conversely, take the opportunities to celebrate all those crucial “firsts” with your team. If you’re in the office, suggest a lunch or dinner or maybe even a post-work Prosecco to mark significant achievements. Toasting each other’s success can really bond teams together and, once again, it’s so much better to do this as part of a group than to be high fiving yourself at home.

Health and wellbeing

Even the most introverted amongst us has the need to be a social animal every once in a while. Whilst working from home can allow us to rattle through work, distraction free, long term isolation is never a good thing. Getting into a routine involving commuting time, the office, lunches and a social scene can not only ingratiate you into company norms but it can also be good for your mental health and wellbeing.

What are your thoughts about being in the office? Would you prefer to go hybrid from the offset?

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