Is 2023 The Year to Go Temp?

Posted February 13 2023 By Liam Boyd

It’s the start of the year and many of you may well be reassessing your career. Are you working in your dream role? Could the grass be greener elsewhere? Should you upskill, retrain or pivot your career entirely?

There’s a lot to consider. Your career is important. It takes up a huge chunk of your week – you often spend more time with your colleague than you do with your partner or family. So it’s important to get it right.

At HRC Recruitment, we specialise in over ten different markets. From office services to hospitality; from HR to legal; from customer service to insurance. We have seen so many candidate career stories. Is it time for the next chapter in yours?

You might not have thought about temporary work, but it could be a good solution for either getting you back into the workplace or helping you take a different step in your career.

Here are just some of the reasons why our candidates undertake temporary contracts:

Expand your knowledge and network

In a temp contract, there’s every chance you’ll be exposed to new technologies and new ways of doing things. This can only be a good thing for your CV. You could even get to learn different aspects of a business or an entirely different industry. More than this, you’ll meet new colleagues and be able to network with them. What can you learn from their experiences?

Potential permanent employment

Some temporary contracts do eventually become permanent. So, if you’re really enjoying your temporary placement and you make a positive impression on those who make the hiring decisions, there could be a full-time role waiting for you at the end of it. (Conversely, if you’re not really enjoying your contract, at least you know there’s an end point in sight.)

Faster hiring process

We’ve often had businesses call us on a Friday and ask for a temporary employee to start on a Monday. Yes, it really is that fast. So, if you’re looking to get into a new role or new industry quickly, temporary work could give you that opportunity.

Prevent gaps in your CV

If you can’t quite find the perfect permanent role for you at the moment, temporary work enables you to plug any potential gaps in your CV. Rather than wait for months on end, having no luck in the permanent jobs market, you could pick up a few temporary roles that will help you learn new skills and meet new people – all the while avoiding any lengthy gaps in employment.

Transition specialisms  

Some of our candidates use temporary work to transition specialisms or markets. Perhaps they want to move from being an HR admin within engineering to working within financial services. Temporary roles can give you that opportunity, provided your core skills set matches what a specific employer is looking for.

Work/life balance

If we’ve learned anything over the past couple of years, it’s that our work/life balance is vital. Maybe you’ve decided to pick up temporary contracts in order to work around your personal life. If you’ve decided that a full-time, 9 to 5 isn’t for you but you’d still like an income, temporary roles could be the solution.

If you’d like to speak to me about temp work with the Scottish HR market, click here to drop me an email and get in touch.

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