Motivations for Working Temporary Contracts

Posted September 16 2022 By Sarah Murray

When working with candidates for temporary roles, it’s essential to frequently reassess the service we’re providing. The nature of temporary contracts means that the industry can change very quickly.

I wanted to reach out to candidates currently working with HRC and those who might in the future to see their motivations for working temp contracts. Listening to our candidates ensures that we have our finger on the pulse and that our goals align with theirs.

Here’s what our respondents had to say when asked what their main motivations* for working in a temp role.


Flexibility (66%)

Working in temp roles gives you the flexibility to work when and where you want, allowing you to fit your employment around your lifestyle and any other commitments you may have. You can work as much or as little as you like; maybe you can’t commit to regular hours, and temping would allow you to work when you’re able.

As well as allowing you to work when you want, working on temporary contracts also enables you to choose where you work with much greater choice and ease. It could be that a particular role is proving too far to travel, or an opportunity comes up closer to home, you’re not tied into a contract, and you’re free to do what’s best for you.


Pay (50%)

The income you receive for working in a temp role may be higher than if you were working in permanent employment. In hospitality and healthcare especially, many roles offer nightshift and non-standard hours that come with an additional financial incentive.


To Gain Experience/Upskill (46%)

Working in temp roles is an excellent way to gain new experience in sectors you may not have worked in before. You’re able to try different roles before you commit to a permanent position.

When working in temp roles with HRC Recruitment, we will also provide you with support in gaining new qualifications and accreditations to help you progress in a position or sector. This allows you to advance your career, even when you don’t have a fixed employer.


Enjoy the Variety of Work (39%)

Last, but with 39% of candidates selecting it as one of their main motivations for working in temp roles, certainly not least; working in temp roles has the potential for a greater variety of work. It’s likely that if you’re working in a permanent role, you’ll have a fixed place of work – with temp roles, you could be working at a new business every week, meeting new people and gaining new experiences.


Working with HRC Recruitment

We also asked our candidates what they liked most about working with HRC Recruitment. The primary response was that we recognise outstanding work. As a temp worker doesn’t have a regular employer, we feel it’s important to recognise great work when we see it. We have monthly recognition awards, certificates, and prizes like gift vouchers. We also like to host social events for our candidates, to get together, socialise, and celebrate their great work.

HRC Recruitment are leading the market when it comes to placing candidates in temp roles. We want to honour and respect the trust our candidates put in us. We offer support, training, and recognition. We hope to implement more of the suggestions we’ve had from our feedback in the near future to ensure we’re still providing the best possible service.


If you’d like to discuss the temp role opportunities, we currently have available in the healthcare and hospitality sector, you can click here to email me.

    *Candidates were able to give more than one motivation in their feedback.
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