Could Your Recruitment Marketing Use a Refresh?

Posted September 10 2021 By Stephanie Devine
 Before the pandemic, the UK jobs market was very much employer driven, meaning that there were often more applicants than jobs. Employers could have their pick of the very best – even if it did mean sorting through hundreds of applicants to get to this point. However, in the past few months, as we have opened up a lot more of our sectors, the pendulum has swung fully the other way. We are now living in candidate driven times. Meaning that candidates now have their choice of which employer to work with; can negotiate better salaries and benefits. So, how can you stand out in your sector as an employer of choice? How can you attract the brightest and best to your business over your competitors? We have worked with a number of our clients to improve their recruitment marketing strategies. This requires a different approach to product marketing as you are essentially “selling” your values and benefits in a way that makes you attractive to passive candidates. Could your recruitment marketing use a refresh? Here are just some of the reasons we work with our clients on their recruitment marketing: New product or division Perhaps you’re trying to hire for a division or product (or even a location) that you’re not known for in your market. How are you going to take this new message to market? Have you thought about how you can attract people who typically wouldn’t think of your business as somewhere they could work? Reputation We’ve all had a bad Google or Glassdoor review. It happens. But, if they’re pretty consistent, you might want to think about the impact that this could have on your ability to hire in future. Have you made improvements; changed staff; brought in new policies and procedures? Perhaps it’s time to take that message to market to let potential candidates know you’re taking positive steps to fix things. Location Is your business in a difficult location? Perhaps one that is hard to access via public transport or is very remote with not much around it in the way of facilities? Do you require people to relocate in order to work for you? We can help you talk up the benefits of relocation and the local area. You have to sell a whole lifestyle in this case, not just a job. No marketing presence Either you don’t have a marketing team or your marketing team have their HQ in a different city or country, making it hard for your specific branch to pull focus. We can work with your marketing team to help spotlight a specific location or create marketing content – such as social graphics and videos – from scratch in order to help you build a presence. More than this, we are now working with clients for whom we are not recruiting. We are solely working with them on their marketing. We are working as more than recruiters – we are working as consultants, offering our clients advice and strategy on everything from salary banding to shift patterns. Our recruitment marketing packages are entirely bespoke, working to your needs and goals. Want to know more? Get in touch with me to discuss Engineering hiring strategies within the FMCG market or to discuss improving your employer brand through our Build Your Brand recruitment marketing product.
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