I Was Onboarded Remotely - Here's What I Learned

Posted January 18 2021 By Scott Caithness
 It can be daunting to think about changing roles in the current climate and the thought of remote onboarding can be a scary one. Can it ever really be the same without having someone show you where the printer is and which kettle boils quicker? Following my first week here at HRC, I thought I would share my experiences with any candidates looking to make a move … This was completely new to me, as it will be for most people. I probably had a lingering thought in my head as to whether or not it was possible to truly integrate into a new business remotely without being able to meet my new colleagues in person. But I had nothing to worry about. Whilst I don’t think anything can replace face to face, with the technology we have now, it can be just as effective. From day one, having received my sparkling new kit – laptop, monitor, mobile etc – it’s been a thoroughly well-planned out induction period and I’ve been made to feel very welcome. It’s been great having time to explore new systems with plenty of training booked in and lots of information to take on board – like starting any new role! I’ve been particularly impressed with the welcome and the fact my diary is booked out over the next couple of weeks; meeting different colleagues from areas across the business over Microsoft Teams. All of this has made the transition very easy for me. (Jackie’s mega embarrassing LinkedIn post with my mug shot front and centre also made it easy for those colleagues who hadn’t met with me yet to put a face to a name … Or so she tells me!) My advice to anyone looking to make a move right now? Ask questions! As you go through the hiring process (which will likely be over a video call), be armed with plenty of questions to ensure the role is right for you.
  • What does remote onboarding look like for them?
  • Have they hired anyone recently?
  • What does the first week, month, 3 months look like?
Gathering all this info is really no different from a face-to-face process and will help ensure you are making the right decision if you are successful in securing an offer. The handshakes, team lunches, nights out and sitting in the same room as our colleagues will have to wait for now, but it will come. After last year, most of us are likely all set up with some sort of home office already - and this will be the norm for the near future - but what will be great to come out of everything that has happened is an increase in flexible working. Businesses are going to realise their employees can work effectively from home and employees are going to appreciate the flexibility to do this. Clients will, in turn, be able to attract talent from different geographical areas which increases their talent pool when hiring. I’m now off to have a virtual coffee with some of my colleagues before diving into another training video! If you are looking for support in the Marketing & Comms space, you can reach out to me on 07562 208 284 or scaithness@hrcrecruitment.co.uk
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