Five Essential Podcasts All Marketers Should Listen To

Posted June 7 2021 By Scott Caithness
 Whether you’re a marketing crew of one or part of a larger team, it can be easy to become ‘stuck’ in your career. You could be unsure of how to tackle a big campaign; looking for ideas as to how to take a step up; or simply looking for some industry updates to keep your knowledge fresh. But who has time to attend multiple webinars per week or attempt to do some bedtime reading when the day job can be so full on? So, how can you keep on track of your strategy, your career goals and your market knowledge? By listening to podcasts! You can tune in while you work, on your commute (if you have one), while you go for a walk … They’re the perfect way to absorb knowledge and ideas without too much disruption to your day. Here are five essential podcasts I believe every marketer should be listening to: Marketing Over Coffee This is a weekly show where the two hosts – John and Christopher – literally sit down in a coffee shop to discuss marketing. They are joined by a range of interesting guests, from TED Talk speakers to CMOs, and cover just about every angle of marketing you could think of. It’s a light-hearted but informative show that won’t take up too much of your day. The CMO Podcast Jon Stengel – former CMO of Proctor & Gamble – is now an entrepreneur and podcaster. Stengel brings on fellow CMOs to his show, offering insights into their career paths, their predictions for the future and general marketing updates. The calibre of speaker – particularly if you are an ambitious marketer – is the real draw here. The Lonely Marketers Glenn Southam hosts this podcast – and LinkedIn page and WhatsApp group – for marketers working specifically within recruitment. Speakers come from all over and all walks of life. There is some serious marketing chat mixed in with more light-hearted questions. It’s a good podcast to tune into if you’re interested in hearing how different companies and individuals approach marketing challenges. Sophisticated Marketers Podcast This is a LinkedIn-sponsored podcast that has two episodes per month. Lead by Jason Miller, Senior Content Manager for LinkedIn, it tackles some of the biggest marketing trends and challenges facing those working in the industry. There are international guests on the show – from different sectors – which keeps it fresh whilst offering high calibre insights. CopyBlogger FM Good quality writing can really make a difference to marketing, and podcast host Sonia Simone understands this. This podcast will help keep you up to date with trends in conversion optimization, email marketing and content marketing practices, whilst focusing on specific good (and bad!) examples of copy. And there are so many more podcasts out there on Apple Music, Spotify and Podbean. Find one that suits your career goals and give it a listen. Or why not reach out and see if they’ll have you on the show? If you would like to speak to me about adding marketing talent to your business or are keen to see what opportunities are out there, click here to drop me an email and get in touch.
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