Top 10 recruiting trends for 2016, and how candidates can leverage them

Top 10 recruiting trends for 2016, and how candidates can leverage them

Each year, the recruiting industry tracks the recruiting trends to help firms find their ideal candidates. But what does that have to do with those looking for a new career? Quite a lot actually! If you know what they are looking for, you can project the best elements of yourself to fit what they are looking for. So, here is how firms will be going about trying to find you in 2016.

1. Internal hiring. A number of agencies predict that promoting from within their own company will become more systematic this year. Be aware then, that your new job could be where you are now. Make sure your performance remains high, capitalise on any training opportunities and keep a close watch for emails advertising positions as they become available.

2. Employee Referrals. If companies can't hire from within, they are willing to trust the opinions of their employees. So, if you are interacting with people who work for a company you want to work for, remember to impress them.

3. Recruiting based on candidate data.  Google has stated that “All people decisions are based on data & analytics”. So, how good do you look on paper? What data exists about you and how can you make sure that you are attractive to potential employers?

4. Anonymous CVs and blind interviewing. Businesses are attempting to remove any unconscious bias in their recruiting decisions based on race, sex or religion. They do this by hiding the particulars of a candidate as much as possible, and so levelling the playing field.

5. All recruiting communications will be available on the mobile platform. So, keep yourself in the loop by keeping your mobile to hand at all times. Recruiters will try and contact you by voice call, text, email, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, any many others – pretty much all of the messaging apps that you might use!                                                                    

6. Quality of hire. It is expensive and time-consuming trying to find new employees. This year, companies want to ensure they pick the best candidate without having to go through the whole process again in six months. So, if you think you have what it takes, be assured your quality will be uncovered during the recruiting process and present a confident exterior.

7. Retention. Once they've hired you, they want to keep you - so try and demonstrate your long-term commitment to the company during the interview.

8. Increasing the speed of the recruiting process to capture the best candidates. Statistics show that companies who take longer to fill the post are more likely to miss the best candidates. This means you will need to be interview ready as soon as you become aware of the position.

9.  A focus on recruiting innovators. Recruiting statistics suggest an innovator will be ten times more productive than someone else doing the same job. Companies are searching blogs, presentations, and websites to find those that are trying to do something different in their industry.

10. Employer branding. Sounds painful, but they just want to ensure you know who they are. Take advantage of this and make sure that you do your research before applying.

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