Long Time To Hires Damage Output


Long Time To Hire In FMCG Damages Output


The drinks industry in Scotland is thriving which has increased demand for talent in most specialisms. To succeed, FMCG firms rely on HR Consultancy to understand their market. 

A leading brand had struggled for a number of months to recruit a Maintenance Engineer. Their output was increasing week by week because of a superb reaction to their product in the market place. But there was significant risk that they would not be able to meet demand if they did not recruit this individual quickly. 

Time had been wasted by speaking to other agencies who couldn't find the skill set that they required. The business started to think that the role was too hard to fill due to their requirement. They contacted Michelle McLaughlin, who leads our Manufacturing & Engineering team, to sense check this and our team recommended a thorough market mapping. Starting with the job description, our specialists compared the demands of the role with the market and identified that the skills did exist. However potential candidates enjoyed secure employment with excellent conditions. 

This market intelligence allowed the hiring manage to create a business case for changes to the role to make it more appealing to qualified individuals. They then retained our team to source for this position, resulting in three applications, one immediate hire and two potential future hires.

This successful appointment demonstrates that a tailored approach is needed when a requirement is so niche and that HR Consultancy are the specialists to do this. 

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