Circumstances Affect Business Performance


Unavoidable Circumstances Impact On Business Performance


Resignations, sickness, secondments, promotions, maternity and paternity leave are all everyday business events that can impact on performance if not manage correctly. 

A combination of these affected a shared service centre based in the east of the country. They had responsibility for the most crucial function of all - payroll - and through circumstances lost three members of their team at virtually the same time. 

One permanent role and two contractor roles were created and the employer struggled to find applicants through job board advertising. They asked our Payroll specialist Eilidh Black why this was the case and she highlighted two reasons:

  • Payroll contracts are low in volume and high in demand.
  • The requirements in the person requirements were fairly unrealistic for the level.

Eilidh worked with the HR team to align the requirements with the market and to develop an interview & assessment technique to identify talent that may not have some of the core skills but had the aptitude to learn. This would therefore reduce the time and training demands placed on the person and business to become proficient. This also meant that more contractors would become available due to the less stringent demands. 

This work resulted in the appointment of three new team members, and the business has now implemented the interview & assessment technique for all recruitment moving forward. 

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