Brext Recruitment Concerns Eased


Post Brexit Recruitment Concerns Eased


Both potential candidates and prospective employers have concerns following the decision made by the United Kingdom electorate to leave the European Union. 

The uncertainty created adds additional challenges to overcome, particularly in sectors that have been impacted immediately like real estate. 

Meena Bahanda works with a niche legal practice in Edinburgh who are still investing in their team despite this. They intended to setup a new real estate department and asked her to find the right person for what was a very unique role. 

Most people who were approach about the role who were currently based in the Central Belt could not be convinced. The uncertainty in the market meant there was a 'play safe' mentality occurring. And this was not the type of individual that the organisation was looking for. 

The strategy that Meena chose focused on finding those who were looking for a challenge. On that basis she sourced candidates who had undergone - based on their profiles - a significant change in their career such as a chance of specialism or location. 

From this she identified a person who not only had relocated but had the experience of setting up a team. This resolved a business critical issue during a difficult time. 

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