How to Complete and Submit a Timesheet

How to Complete and Submit a Timesheet 

  1. Overview

Working as a temporary worker through HR Consultancy, the hours you work and the pay you receive will be processed weekly. The working week we operate runs from a Monday through to the Sunday. The wages relating to each working week are paid directly into your bank account the following Friday.

Any hours worked by a temporary worker must be authorised by the client with whom you have been placed. This will typically be done by the completion, authorisation and submission of a weekly timesheet. Some clients operate an online authorisation portal. If you are unsure what process relates to you then please speak to your consultant who will be able to give you more guidance.

  1. Completing your timesheet

A blank HR Consultancy timesheet can be downloaded from the Documents section of this website which can be found here.

Your timesheet must show:

  1. Your name
  2. The name of the company where you are working
  3. Your National Insurance Number
  4. The “week ending” date (Sunday of the week worked)
  5. The dates worked
  6. Start and end time of hours worked excluding meal breaks
  7. The total number of hours you have worked excluding meal breaks

For HR Consultancy to be able to process your timesheet correctly it must be:

  • Legible
  • Completed correctly (e.g. no holiday hours included, hours worked totalled up correctly).
  • Signed by your manager.  We cannot process timesheets which have not been authorised.
  • Received by the HR Consultancy Payroll Department by Monday at 12.00 noon.  Any timesheets received after this deadline will be processed in the following week’s payroll. For details on how to submit your timesheet, please see below.

Timesheets which are incorrectly completed will not be processed and you will be asked to submit a new one.

Please note - it is your responsibility to ensure that a fully completed timesheet is received by the Payroll Department by the deadline. While HR Consultancy will do everything we can to help you submit your hours, if a timesheet has not been received, your pay cannot be processed.

  1. Submitting your Timesheet

You can submit your timesheet in the following ways:-

Scanning and emailing your timesheet

You can scan and email your completed and authorised timesheet to

By post

Send the completed and signed timesheet to:

The Payroll Department

HR Consultancy

58 West Regent Street


G2 2QZ

  1. What if I don’t need to complete a timesheet?

Some companies do not require their staff to complete timesheets. As an alternative, the hours worked may be notified either by:

  • The company manager notifying HR Consultancy by email.
  • The hours being logged via an online portal.

If this is the case, it is your responsibility to check with your line manager that your hours have been submitted to the HR Consultancy payroll department. Please ask your consultant if this situation applies to you.