Five Exam Tips For ICAS Students

Five Exam Tips For ICAS Students

15 June 2016


Whether you have your ICAS exams coming up now or in the future, a bit of advice from people who have already succeeded might help!

When you are sitting a paper, it isn’t just about what happens on the day or the amount you study. There are a number of other things that you can do to make life a lot easier for yourself!

We asked a group of our candidates who have recently passed elements from TPS for their top exams tips that will help you pass the first time that doesn't involve studying even more!

  • Speak To Your Peers For Advice

Have a chat with colleagues or university friends who have sat the exam already. Don’t ask them about specifics, though. Instead, ask about their general approach to breaking down questions and how they managed both their time – both before the exam and during it! 

  • Check The Exam Location Before You Go

If you do not know the area, then walk the route before the day.

“I forgot to do this before my exam.” one candidate told us. “I had left in plenty of time, but I got fairly lost. Even though I arrived with 15 minutes spare, I felt even more anxious and it took me ages to calm down.”

If you are using public transport, try and buy your tickets before hand.

  • Get Organised

Make sure you know what you can and cannot take with you to your exam. The ICAS website has a great information and regulation page that explains all. Pack your bag the night before and make sure you have everything.

  • Don’t Cram (Too Late) The Night Before

Let’s be honest – most people do some form of cramming the night before. But try and not stay up too late. It is best to get a great night’s sleep after a short, final session. Avoid caffeine and alcohol too. A candidate we spoke to drank too much coffee whilst cramming the night before. “My sleep was awful – I was restless and had crazy dreams about my exam!” they told us.

  • Eat a good breakfast

What you eat in the morning impacts your energy through the day. So before your exam, have something that is more likely to boost your performance. The Good Luck Exams site gives some great ideas but generally speaking, avoid carbs, sugar, foods that contain L-tryptophan and stick to vegetables, eggs, grains and porridge. Stay away from coffee and drink green tea or water. 

Written By Fiona Cairney


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