This Is Why HR Consultancy Do What We Do

This Is Why HR Consultancy Do What We Do

2 March 2016


Our Managing Director Hilary Roberts started the business in 1995 with a clear vision:

"To help people and candidates realise their potential."

Our team of Recruiters live this vision, and this is what gives them the drive to help find candidates new jobs across Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the rest of the UK every day. 

Last week, Jackie MacGregor did just that and received some fantastic feedback about how HR Consultancy work. 

"I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your guidance and support over the last week, the result for me success in securing employment.  

Having recently experienced another employment agency which led me to compare the service they have provided me with and the one you provided me with me. There is no comparison.  You were BRILLIANT!!!!

As you know I have not been in the “office” environment for some 4 years now and felt completely lost and to be honest quite vulnerable.  You went out of your way to equip me with the necessary information and support.  I received absolutely none of this kind of support from the other agencies I registered with in the hope of trying to secure much needed employment.  You gave me a confidence boost when I was very much in need of one, and for that I am so very grateful to you.

As far as I am concerned you have provided an absolutely FIRST CLASS SERVICE with that extra special personal touch which seems to lack in so many people these days.  You gave your time and I want to thank you so much.  You have helped give me back my confidence and that is priceless.

Again thank you for everything Jackie, wishing you every continued success for the future."

This is why HR Consultancy do what we do.

Written By Billy McDiarmid


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