Five Ways NOT To Have The Best Talent In Your Legal Firm

Five Ways NOT To Have The Best Talent In Your Legal Firm

22 February 2016




The feedback we receive from employers everyday is that quality Legal Support staff - Paralegals, Administrators, Secretaries, PA’s etc. are essential to the success of their business.

Quality staff though tell us a completely different story. So – based on that evidence, here are the 5 ways to make sure that you DON'T retain or attract the best legal support staff.                                                                                                                

1. Don't invest in technology

Keep computers for longer than four years and don't replace the aging dictation machine. When you are spending eight to ten (or more) hours using technology, it isn't incredibly draining when it does not work in a demanding environment. Honestly.

2. Disregard the importance of training

Nobody needs training, do they? People can work out how to become better in their jobs wholly and exclusively on their own. So don't sign off any training, even though CLT Training offer fantastic training for Paralegals and Support Staff.

3. Undervalue their role within the business

They are just the support team, right? The work that they do is nowhere near as important as what the fee earners do.

4. Make sure that they have a ridiculous workload

Keeping people overworked keeps them interested doesn't it? Staff would NEVER leave as they know how busy we are.

5. Make sure that there is absolutely no career progression

The glass ceiling has to be kept low. Don't want anyone getting ideas above their stations now, do we? 

Written By Jackie MacGregor


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