You And Your Dream Job 4 Ever

You And Your Dream Job 4 Ever

11 February 2016



Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Stop Messing Around, Find the Right Job for You!

Finding your dream partner …… where do you start?

More and more people are turning to dating apps and websites to help find them the dream partner.  It can be hard to find your perfect SO - so it’s good to have a little help along the way.

Finding your dream job is exactly the same - you might need someone to guide you in the right direction.  Let’s face it, you spend more time at work than anywhere else, it should be your perfect match.

So this Valentine’s Day why don’t you let us at HR Consultancy help you find your dream job?

Where to start?

There are lots of agencies to choose from, some dealing with temporary and contract, some just permanent roles, others are executive search agencies and some specialise in certain industries. Find an agency which is best suited to help you in your chosen field.

Check Online

Have a look a recruitment agency websites:

  • check out what vacancies they are advertising
  • sign up for job alerts and newsletters 
  • read the advice they provide on CV writing and attending interviews
  • try and find out what companies they work with

Get your friends to help

Ask friends and peers for advice on agencies.  Most people will have some experience of using agencies either to recruit or to find employment.  Check for agency reviews and look on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Get your CV Up to Date and update your LinkedIn profile

You wouldn’t put an old photo on Tinder would you?  All agencies will ask to see a CV or your LinkedIn profile before they are able to help you.  Make sure that both:

  • are concise, up-to-date and sell you 
  • highlight your skills, success stories, and strengths
  • use lists (numbering or bullet points) – it makes it easier to read
  • list your most recent job first
  • are checked for spelling and grammar (install Grammarly on your computer, it’s fantastic)
  • are sense checked by a friend
  • have your email address and mobile number - it is no good playing hard to get!

Finally, make sure that your CV is either in Word (doc / docx) or PDF format.

Keep in Touch

If you are contacting recruitment agencies, make sure you keep in touch.  Recruiters will be liaising with lots of candidates so whether they get in touch via email, mobile, text, LinkedIn message or any other way – get back in touch with them asap.  Otherwise, you could miss out.

First Date

Your Recruiter should ask you to meet with them for a coffee.  This is an opportunity for them to get to know you beyond your skills and experience.  It helps them make sure they get the right culture fit for you in your next role.  Dress to impress and be prepared to chat through your CV in detail.

Make the Effort

Build a rapport with your Recruiter.  Most will be speaking with a large number of candidates and clients, so they will:

  • understand the market
  • have information on the vacancies that are available now (and what might be in the future)
  • know the people and companies who they are going to send you to

Make sure that you make use of this knowledge!

Rejection (It’s not you, it’s them!)

Don’t be afraid of rejection.  Your Recruiter will be engaged by their clients to not only find the best possible candidates that match a skill set, but also

  • personality
  • culture fit
  • ethos 

Sometimes a role which looks great on paper might not be the right role for you, so don’t be put off if you are told “no”.

A Fixer Upper

If you are successful in getting an interview with a client for a potential role, utilise the knowledge your Recruiter has, and take all advice given!  They should be able to guide you on:

  • interview preparation
  • competency based interview questions
  • dress code
  • the personality of who will be interviewing you
  • information about the company

and a lot more! Take on board what you are told, and use it your advantage!


This might not be Cosmo’s “Top Ten Tips to Find Your Future Spouse”, but it will be really beneficial in helping you find a job that is right for you!  Let the experts do the hard work for you.

Written By Jackie MacGregor


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