How To Leave Your Job (And Not Alienate People)

How To Leave Your Job (And Not Alienate People)

3 February 2016



You have applied for the job, been invited to interview, done your homework, been invited to another interview, possibly another interview, and then - finally - been offered that dream job! Congratulations, you smashed it!

But you are not finished yet - you need to leave your current employer. And this can be a massive challenge.

So how do you do it?

  • Time it right

Don't resign after you receive your bonus or achieve a target. This will make you think about your time with that business in a less critical manner and make you less inclined to remember the true reason you are leaving (making you more likely to accept a counter offer).

It might also create a perception that you are purely money motivated amongst your current colleagues, which you may not want.

  • Prepare for a counter offer

It doesn't matter whether you think you will or won't be counter offered. Prepare yourself mentally. Remember what your reason is for leaving in the first place and don't believe any promises that are made relating to change and improvement. Also, it is unlikely your reason for leaving is (genuinely) related to money, so don't be swayed by a financial incentive. 

I don't believe a lot of the counter offer statistics - however in my experience, accepting a counter offer will not resolve any challenges that have led to you deciding to leave.

  • Put it in writing with your reasons for leaving made clear

This feedback is vital for your employer and they should take it on board if it is relevant.

  • Don't burn your bridges

Be respectful of your employer and their employees. When you hand in your notice, don't shout about it. Speak to your line manager first. Don't post anything on social media until you start your new job and don't rub it in your colleagues faces. 

And stay (relatively) sober on your leaving night.




Written By Billy McDiarmid


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