5 Reasons To Study For A Paralegal Qualification

5 Reasons Why You Should Study For A Paralegal Qualification

19 January 2016



Considering studying for Paralegal qualification? Here are 5 reasons why I think you should!

1. Paralegals are becoming more and more essential

If you ask any legal practice if they expect to have more Paralegals in five years time, most will say yes. Partners know that this role is key to the success of the business. By undertaking a qualification with an identifiable professional status, you are improving your career prospects.

2. Improve your knowledge by looking outside of your practice

When you work at the same practice for a long time, then it can be easy to be a little bit blinkered. By undertaking a qualification, this exposes you to knowledge outside of your normal bubble, allowing you to consider problems in a way that you previously hadn’t and come up with new ideas.

3. It (May) Make You More Attractive When Finding A New Job

If you are a Paralegal at the moment or aiming to be a Paralegal, then having a qualification can sometimes make the difference when applying for that dream role – if you have a qualification and other candidates do not, it can help you to stand out.

4. Demonstrates That You Are A Specialist

A Paralegal qualification isn’t a broad stroke certificate – there are courses available in the majority of legal specialisms. Completing study in a particular area is evidence that you are a specialist. 

5. External Training Helps Your Network

When you attend Paralegal training outside of your practice, you will extend your professional network. This is incredibly helpful for:

  • future knowledge sharing
  • job hunting
  • understanding what your peers work on compared to you


My friends at CLT Scotland have a fantastic curriculum of Paralegal training available. Give Mel a call on 0141 225 6700 or click here if you would like to find out more. 

Written By Jackie MacGregor


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