Living our values - March

Living our values - March

17 March 2014


Paul Gray  Ambition
Paul has shown excellent drive over the last week through his hard work and long hours. As a result he has received 2 offer, 1 of which has excepted.
Elaine Broadley  Customer Service
Elaine has strived to give excellent customer service. She has placed the majority of the roles she is working through dedication to clients and candidates.
Andy Mitchel  Honesty
Andy has provided an excellent service to both candidates and clients by giving them really transparent feedback. Through his honesty he has built excellent relationships.  
Linda Currie Professional
Linda has shown her expertise and professionalism. This week she has filled a role whilst up against 5 competitors. She has worked with outstanding pace to produce this result.
Melissa Ferguson Passion
Melissa has shown true passion during her first week concentrating on business development with her determination to succeed.

Written By Billy McDiarmid


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