Getting The Right Job in 2016

Getting The Right Job in 2016

26 November 2015


It is an old cliche. But at HR Consultancy we do see a significant increase in people looking for new jobs come January. The "January Blues" means people have:

  • Been thinking about whether they are satisfied in their role. 
  • Had time to research the market and look at the different career choice that are available. 
  • Discussed options with their friends and family.
  • Decided to become motivated and sort their general health & wellbeing - and this naturally ties into their career. 

This rush means that there is a significant demand on the best jobs - there is a finite number of roles available. What do you need to do to secure the right role for you in 2016?

1. Start Looking Now - Don't Wait Until January

If you have ANY inclination that you might want to find a new job next year, then start looking now. Call a good agency before Christmas (I've heard HR Consultancy are pretty good!) for a coffee - there is no pressure on you to commit now. It simply means you will be ahead of the pack. 

2. Make sure that it is really the right decision

Use the festive break to discuss your feeling with friends and family over a bottle of festive wine. Depending on your circumstances, finding a new job can be a significant change not only for you. Ask them about your strengths and weaknesses. 

3. Research Your Industry & Available Opportunities

When you are having a turkey sandwich on Boxing Day, use your new Laptop or Tablet to research the job market in your industry. What is demand like for your specialism? 

4. Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile and Check Your Social Media presence

Sort out your LinkedIn profile (get rid of that picture of you holding a glass of prosecco at the Christmas Party). Check your social media profiles:

  • Make sure that your Facebook Privacy Settings do not show anything to anyone who is not your friend. 
  • Review your Twitter account and remove anything that could be potentially embarrassing for you. 
  • Google your name and make sure nothing else comes up!

2016 could be your year - if you really want it to be, start looking now!

Written By Billy McDiarmid


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