The Scary World of Recruitment - Can You Survive?

The Scary World of Recruitment - Can You Survive?

26 October 2015



Halloween is upon us this week and what can be more frightening than those Halloween horror movies? Working in recruitment is a close second!

Even during the best of times, regardless of specialism or geography, recruitment is a pretty scary industry to work in.

Recruiters are constantly running to vacancy deadlines, searching all hours of the night to get the best (often hardest to find) candidates, fighting off the competitors and often risking reputation in case they make the wrong decision.

In our industry, only the strongest will survive!  Sounding like that Halloween horror movie yet?  Well, here are some top tips Recruiters can learn from those creepy movies!

If you’re not fast…. we all know how that ends

You know the slow friend, the one in the movie that falls behind the pack and gets taken down first?  Well recruiters, there it is.  Being slow in recruitment doesn’t mean you could meet a grisly end, but it does mean you could lose out on the best candidate, the client relationship and ultimately your commission.  Be quick, decisive and intuitive – hero’s always are!

Don’t take the short-cut!

The short-cut through the dark woods?  You know the shortcut the student campers take when they need to get back to civilisation in the dead of night?  You know the feeling you get when you know it’s a bad choice? Use that feeling – never take the short cut.  Don’t be lazy or sloppy with your attitude to candidates or clients.  This can be more harming to your reputation in the recruitment field than anything else – and it’s hard enough as it is. Take the long way round, it will be worth it.

Never split away from the group

It’s a cliché but true, teamwork makes the dream work!  Let’s face it, the bolshie quarterback who breaks away from the group to venture off himself all too often meets his maker. Usually within 10 minutes.  Whilst recruiters often run individual desks and work to individual targets, we need a strong group around us to keep positive, bounce ideas off, collaborate and learn from.  Always remember safety in numbers.

Always have a Plan B

Bad things happen to the ones who don’t have a plan B.  You always need a backup, an extra weapon, that friend you thought was murdered who steps in last minute, the twist in the tale that leads to your survival.  Recruitment is exactly the same. Candidates drop out, they don’t show for an interview, clients pull job offers, counter offers are made.  Always try to have a Plan B.  It can be the difference between life and death, well success and failure.

Keep going….Right to the end!

The horror films can be hard going.  Lots of running, screaming, horror, blood, and those unexpected frights!  But somehow our hero’s make it to the end.  Tenacious or stupid, they get there!
In recruitment, you have to keep going.  Keep pushing.  Fight the hard times, enjoy and reflect on the good times, keep up the pace and continue to learn.  Throughout your recruitment career you may be chased by your twisted competitor or your blood hungry boss, you could be let down by your candidate, but you need to keep going.  When you look back it will be completely worth it.

So grab the snacks, turn down the lights and get ready to hide behind the cushion.  Next time you watch that horror film, think about what you can take from it to help you through the scary world of recruitment!

(And if you can make it to the end – we would love to speak to you about joining our team! Call Barry Lee on 0141 353 1133 for a chat). 


Written By Jackie MacGregor


Great blog! I have an interview with HR Consultancy tomorrow for the trainee recruitment consultant role and this post is fun, yet an informative insight into the world of recruitment. I look forward to meeting some of the staff tomorrow.
Posted on Monday, March 21, 2016 16:53 by Craig Halliday

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