The Apprentice Week Ten Review: Catwalk

The Apprentice Week Ten Review: Catwalk

7 December 2017

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Photo Credit: Jim Marks / BBC 

It’s nearing the bitter end of TV’s biggest recruitment process, but week ten of The Apprentice didn’t fail to deliver on eye rolls, fighting, nonsensical statements and naff jokes. Last night, the candidates were tasked with putting on a fashion show, using the collection of an unknown British designer in a bid to sell more clothes than Karl Lagerfeld himself.

After the drama of last week, Joanna put herself forward to lead Michaela, Elizabeth and James in Team Graphene whilst Sarah Jayne and Harrison nominated Jade to lead Team Vitality because she “looked like” she had an eye for fashion. (Read: Neither of us want to do this, so can you take one for the team?)

I failed to see the “visions” and “themes” of many of these fashion collections – the designers were talking about their clothes as if they were an existential metaphor for great philosophical musings. It seemed like a collection of fur and feathers that no ordinary person would actually wear.

However, Joanna proved herself to have her head well and truly screwed on this week; she was organised and efficient, negotiating a good product, with a lucrative commission and discount structure. She opted for an eco-friendly men’s clothing brand – “for the fashion conscious with a conscience”. Jade fumbled her way through her selection process, getting the name of the brand wrong and failing to secure any discount for potential sales. Having said that, she did manage to secure magazine sponsorship, where Joanna failed to.

Harrison was less than useless, repeating the mantra that he “knew nothing about women’s fashion”, as if that excused him from the task entirely. He contributed little more than laying out the chairs for the catwalk.

Team Graphene, however, were working together in perfect harmony, with Elizabeth and Michaela salivating over male models and designing and magazine cover. I absolutely adored James’ facial expressions throughout the episode – from reacting to crazy fashion designs to that 90s boyband centre parting he sported, he was clearly loving life in the fashion world.

When it came to actually selling the clothes, Joanna and her team had to sell volume, since their products were less expensive, and Michaela’s idea of a sales pitch seemed to be to insult potential buyers. Harrison, Jade and Sarah Jayne struggled to talk about the fabrics and concept of their high end offering.

In the boardroom, it was clear that there was only one winner – Joanna’s team romped to victory with a profit of over £4,000, leaving Jade to roll her eye and huff at her loss. I couldn’t help but feel like this was karma for the way Jade treated her rival PM in last week’s task.

Lord Sugar had an itchy trigger finger and proceeded to execute a double firing: Harrison and Jade bit the dust, leaving Sarah Jayne to join James, Elizabeth, Michaela and Joanna in the final five.

Next week is CVs and interviews week. Oh, how I live for this type of car crash cringey TV. This stage of the process is so ruthless, that yawn you did in your first paper round will be brought up. Every single over-exaggeration is ripped to shreds. I love it.

The Apprentice is on BBC1 on Wednesdays at 9pm.



Written By Mary Palmer


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