I'm A Celebrity, Teamwork and Group Interviews

I'm A Celebrity, Teamwork and Group Interviews

27 November 2017

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Last week on our blog, we spoke about the opening episodes of this year’s I’m A Celebrity and how those all-important first impressions in the jungle camp were very similar to job interview experiences. It’s amazing how quickly the celebrities involved can either be seen as “favourites” or “hopeless” when it comes to the trials – based on how they first seemed to their fellow camp-mates.

This week, we noticed how similar a lot of the jungle experience was to group interview situations – where candidates often have to work together very quickly on a task, despite having only just met. There is little time to formulate a plan and weigh up each other’s strengths and weaknesses. You have to work swiftly and accurately to meet a certain standard, impress your interviewer and deliver the most favourable outcome.

Before the camp was split into two last Thursday, all of the celebrities were living in the same camp; getting used to each other and working well together. They were showing all of the traits of a positive group interview strategy. For example, they encouraged the more timid camp-mates to come out of their shell and contribute to the group (either in tasks or simply in conversation). They also took time to listen to each other – using previous experiences to relate to the task at hand. In a group interview, the ability to listen and translate information into tangible solutions is invaluable.

An important element in a group interview is to quickly decipher each other’s strengths and to utilise them to make the entire team shine. Some candidates will be confident delivering a presentation; others ask great questions; some are problem solvers and organisers. The key is to position your team members in a role that will help all of you perform the task well.

If everyone is working towards the common goal of a positive outcome, it will really demonstrate their ability to adapt to a new team. Essentially, you are both blending in and showing off your skills at the same time.

However, the camp was then split into two group, with one person nominated as “Prime Minister” to oversee both camps. This then resulted in some of the more negative aspects of a group interview process emerging to the fore. This often starts when one particular candidate tries to overpower the others or shot down any ideas that conflict with their own style of working. By not listening to others, you miss out on fact finding and getting to know your colleagues – therefore, they will be unable to apply their strengths to the task at hand. 

A candidate who puts themselves in a leadership position during a group interview makes the mistake of thinking they will shine more than the others. In actual fact, by ignoring others’ opinions and trying to take over, they run the risk of making themselves look worse to a potential employer. There is no common goal or working together; simply one candidate trying to do things their way. Ultimately, a team like this are destined to fail at a group interview situation.

Team collaborations happen all the time within the work place and right now we have Sam Gardner from Professional Services and Chris Milne from our Major Accounts team joining forces to share their expert knowledge … And love of the jungle.

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Written By Sam Gardner


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