Candidates - What Do You Want From Your Recruiter?

Candidates - What Do You Want From Your Recruiter?

3 September 2015



I have been working in recruitment for a number of years (too many to mention!). Throughout my time, I have built and developed long term working relationships with both candidates and clients.  As an experienced recruiter, my clients and candidates are buying into me as a person.  I have to provide them with, not only with a first class service, but also with the support that both parties deserve, after all this is people’s livelihoods I am dealing with.
I quickly worked out that without sound solid employer relationships I wouldn’t have any jobs to work on and without sound solid candidate relationships I wouldn’t have anyone to put forward to those jobs.
It is easy for me to relay what my expectations of my candidates are. But I had to quick understand what candidates need were. What do you want from me? Recruitment is an extremely fast paced and competitive environment and recruiters can fail to deliver on what candidates expect. Luckily, here at HR Consultancy, I work with a great team who uphold high standards of candidate engagement and experience.
Here are the top 5 candidate ‘wants’ that we have identified:-
If you are not suitable for a role, you expect to be told so.  Perhaps you don’t exactly match our clients’ specification – you just want to know.
You want to know what stage your application is at.  This includes updates, being kept in the loop, a phone call or email when the employer goes quiet, feedback on the CV and of course feedback on performance at interview.  You just want to be kept informed.
Feel Valued
You appreciate that recruiters represent both the employer and themselves but you want to feel equal in the process and not a commodity. You want us to work with you on a consultative basis, so we aim to share and understand and support you through your current frustrations along with your career plans and goals.
An Efficient Process
You they feel much more comfortable when you know what the process will be from start to finish and the timescales involved.   We will let you know when your CV will be sent to the client, when we expect to hear back, if there are delays on the clients side.  We arrange specific times for interview preparation and ensure you know exactly what to expect.  You understandably hate surprises, especially at interview. (“Oh, didn’t I mention there would be a full day assessment centre?”)
Added Value
Everyone looks for added value from service providers and you are no different when it comes to working with a recruiter.  We are experts in our field, so you look for our knowledge on market updates, interview preparation, access to preparatory materials, anything really that will increase your chances of securing both the interview and the offer.  You want us to help you gain a competitive advantage and tailored it to you as individuals.
These core requests are not rocket science, they are simply understanding what you want and expect from us.  I believe in this and I think it gives me a competitive advantage. 
What else can we do for you? Fellow recruiters, what are your thoughts?

Jackie MacGregor is a Senior Recruiter who works with legal support candidate in Scotland

Written By Jackie MacGregor


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